how to make NFL football using cow’s hide

how to make NFL football using cow's hide

In the football game, The ball is a very important piece of equipment. Football is made by processing the cow’s hide. So, It takes at least 5 months to be Suitable to play football. Today we will know how a cow turns into a football.

Its journey begins on a farm Turn hide into football through several complex processes. first, the hide is carefully separated from the cow’s body and Then processed with different chemicals to turns hides into a shade of light blue, making them look like pieces of foam.

cows hide processing

The light-blue hides are then dried and sorted into grades to find which is good for Footballs. After being sorted, the hides are split into two pieces and shaved down to a uniform thickness, and embossed by a 57,000-pound press with a football-specific design. Then the leather is spray-painted the deep-reddish brown hue of an NFL football. From start to finish, the process takes about three weeks.

About two dozen people played a role in making each ball. Usually, one cow’s hide will yield 10 to 12 footballs. And balls are always made from the same look. Using the Union Lockstitch machine, they sew the four panels together inside out, so the seams don’t show, using two types of strong thread—a braided brown poly thread and a brown wax-lined polyester thread.

The turners take the inside-out shells and wrestle them right-side-out, the most physically demanding job in the process. They soften the balls inside a steam box, hammer in the two pointy ends of a football, and then place one end on the top of a pole attached to a table. Using the pole for leverage, they work the leather right-side out by pulling it through the gap where the laces will go. Each turner flips 500 to 600 balls a day.

The lacers place a rubber bladder inside the ball and then double-lace each ball closed, their fingertips wrapped in white athletic tape to get a better grip on the rough leather as they methodically weave the long white laces in and out.

Finally, inspectors study each football closely to ensure every detail is functionally and cosmetically perfect. They sort the balls into three categories: game use, practice use, or retail.

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