Gold Triumphs Over Blue In University of Pittsburgh Spring Game 17-10

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Ryan Thielet | April 14, 2024

The University of Pittsburgh held its annual Blue and Gold spring game yesterday. It’s a significant day for Pitt, offering a glimpse into a Kade Bell-style offense. However, with a new offense comes growing pains, which were evident. Nevertheless, the players maintained a positive attitude, matching the defense’s speed and physicality. Fast and physical play were two of the three main takeaways from today’s game, with heart being the third. Standing on the sideline, you could see the heart that every player who had the opportunity to play displayed from the first snap to the last. Each player approached the game with full intensity, like a regular-season game.

Coach Kade Bell had the opportunity to showcase a snapshot of what’s to come. We observed a total of 281 yards between both teams and 27 points scored. While these numbers may not be staggering, they represent a significant improvement over last year’s offense, which struggled to move the ball. However, with a new offensive scheme, players are trying to find their footing. Yesterday, we witnessed these pains manifest in false start penalties, missed reads, and some dropped passes by receivers. Nevertheless, this offense already looks more promising compared to last year, with a noticeable increase in aggressive and physical play. Additionally, turnovers were limited, with only one turnover between both teams. Winning the turnover battle is a key focus for Coach Pat Narduzzi, who emphasizes its importance.

Moving on to the defensive side of the ball, the defense did not disappoint today playing with confidence from the opening snap to the last. They were flying around and displaying a high level of intensity. This level of play is reminiscent of Pitt’s success in 2021 when they won the ACC. Like the offense, the defense experienced some growing pains, which is to be expected when installing new plays.

Now, shifting away from football specifics, the ultimate takeaway from yesterday’s game is the team’s display of heart. On the sideline, there was a palpable sense of renewed energy compared to last year’s disappointing season. Each player seemed thrilled to be back on the field, fully engaged and enjoying the game they love. This infectious energy extended to the coaching staff as well. Every coach who spoke to the media couldn’t contain their smiles, expressing enthusiasm for the upcoming year. This unified attitude between players and coaches bodes well for the team’s cohesion and readiness as they prepare for the fall season.

This upcoming season for Pitt is highly anticipated. With new faces on the offensive staff who are passionate about football and eager to innovate, there’s a sense of excitement about the potential for improvement. On the defensive side, the squad is showing increased confidence after another year of experience. This season marks a turning point for the Pitt program, and hopefully a period of stability in a time of much change in college football.

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