Abilene region bowlers urged to get back to paths as 2021-22 season gets in progress

Abilene region bowlers urged to get back to paths as 2021-22 season gets in progress

Sunday is the main day of the U.S. Bowling Congress 2021-2022 season. The most recent couple of months have been troublesome on every one of the world occupants, particularly the bowling local area in view of COVID-19.

At the point when the pandemic started, bowling endured an extremely big cheese. Because of the COVID limitations, group and open bowling in certain spots reached a total stop with focuses all around the nation shutting.

Since the pandemic limitations have been loose, focuses have started to re-open, and alliances are getting back on the floor. Most importantly, we should rehearse the leftover COVID limitations.

Focuses are gradually returning to what exactly recall as typical bowling. For those of you that didn’t return to bowling, right now is an ideal opportunity to ponder getting back to the game that we as a whole love.

The late spring alliances are reaching a conclusion and fall is close to the corner. Bill Barth recommended that I remember the accompanying update for the bowling news. In case you are keen on bowling this fall/winter and you have not bowled this previous year on account of COVID-19 or you simply needed to require the year off, right now is an ideal opportunity to contact your nearby focus or Barth at 325-201-2398 or 325-692-0603 to discover a spot for you and your mate.

The fall/winter groups are planned to start close to the furthest limit of August. We are anticipating seeing every one of you back on the paths soon.


Men with rounds of 250 or better were Dusty Wood (280), Stephen Wilson (268), Kris Dosser (266), Bill Billings (259) and Allen Martin (256); 700 or better series was Dusty Wood (748). Alicia Brueggeman bowled 222 and 221 games to lead the ladies.


June 11

Bill Peterson High Game 204, Fred Shaw High Series 547

Glendora Myrick High Game 190, High Series 490

June 18

John Richardson High Game 206, High Series 589

Unit Clark High Game 181, High Series 469

June 25

Steve McWilliams High Game 246, High Series 662

Joyce Breeden High Game 179, High Series 510

July 2

John Richardson High Game 228, Fred Shaw High Series 584

Unit Clark High Game 182, High Series 465

July 23

John Richardson High Game 216, High Series 604

Jan Carter High Game 179, High Series 499


May 26

Steve McWilliams High Game 262, High Series 709

Unit Clark High Game 244, High Series 648

June 9

Bill Billings High Game 300, Steve McWilliams High Series 787

Glendora Myrick High Game 221, Joyce Breeden High Series 555

July 7

John Richardson/Bill Billings High Game 300, Billings High Series 757

Unit Clark High Game 243, High Series 619

July 14

John Richardson High Game 300, High Series 764

Peggy Inman High Game 219, Glendora Myrick High Series 537


May 23

Allen Martin High Game 276, Jimmy Sneed High Series 743

Alicia Brueggemann High Game 220, High Series 594

June 13

Jimmy Rangel High Game 288, High Series 765

Alicia Brueggemann High Game 210, High Series 577

June 27

Jimmy Rangel High Game 297, T.J. Torbit High Series 806

Alicia Brueggemann High Game 266, High Series 625

July 11

Jimmy Rangel High Game 300, High Series 811

Samantha Rappe High Game 202, Roma Holley High Series 557


June 1

Larry Ware High Game 219, Randy Deming High Series 539

Virginia Greer High Game 180, High Series 469

June 8

Larry Ware High Game 186, High Series 511

Virginia Greer High Game 177, Wanda Burns High Series 427

June 15

Randy Deming High Game 224, High Series 524

Kay Buford High Game 188, High Series 456

June 22

Randy Deming High Game 165, Jerry DePriest High Series 489

Virginia Greer High Game 172, High Series 456

June 29

Johnny Breeden High Game 175, High Series 478

Joyce Breeden High Game 190, High Series 503


June 16

Dusty Wood High Game 280, High Series 748

Alicia Brueggemann High Game 169, High Series 501

June 23

Chevy Burleson High Game 235, Allen Martin High Series 607

Alicia Brueggemann High Game 221, High Series 594

June 30

Bill Billings High Game 259, Dusty Wood High Series 636

Gaye Rain High Game 182, High Series 477

July 14

Allen Martin High Game 256, Lonnie Carlile High Series 637

Alicia Brueggemann High Game 222, High Series 545


June 3

Bill Billings High Game 226, High Series 612

Stephanie Kraly High Game 191, High Series 530

June 17

Charles Row High Game 190, High Series 509

Stephanie Kraly High Game 176, Noke Logan High Series 498

June 24

Shorty Mims High Game 225, High Series 614

Stephanie Kraly High Game 198, High Series 505

July 1

Bill Billings High Game 248, High Series 612

Noke Logan High Game 192, High Series 519

Early evening OIL LEAGUE

May 25

Stephen Wilson High Game 268, Homer Cook High Series 698

Changed over SPLITS

2-4-10: Steve McWilliams, Mark Thompson, 2-5-7: Steve McWilliams, Bill Peterson, 2-7: David Long, Alan Simpson, Noke Logan, Karen Thompson, Charles Roe, Bill Peterson, 3-6-7: Steve McWilliams, 3-6-7-10: Kit Clark, Bill Peterson, Bruce Sanders, 3-9-10: Virginia Greer, 3-10: Tina Sanders, Vivian Petty, Joyce Breeden (2), Wanda Burns, Fred Shaw, Virginia Greer (2), Bill Billings, David Long, Nena Baker, Dannisue Pierce, Kay Buford (2), Carol Koscienski, Denis Baysinger, Jayden Dodson, Ron Lingafelter (2), JoJo Tubbs, 4-5: Marie Sudhoff, Mali Carter, Alicia Colvin (2), Mark Thompson, Larry Ware, 4-5-7: Mali Carter, Johnny Breeden, Bill Peterson (2), 4-6-7-10: Charles Roe, 4-7-10: Dolly Ross, Noke Logan, 4-9: Larry Ware, 5-6: Rita Billings, 5-7: Noke Logan, Vivian Petty, 5-7-10: Carol Koscienski, 5-10: Joyce Breeden, Elaine Goos, Tina Sanders, JoJo Tubbs (2), Virginia Greer, Wanda Burns, Elaine Goos, Nena Baker, 6-7-9-10: Denis Baysinger, 6-7-10: Tina Sanders, Mali Carter, Ruth West, Charles Roe, 9-10: Bill Billings,

5-7-10 The “Lilly”: Carl Powers, Micah Reden (2)

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