Trinetra Vijayakumar acknowledges objectives with Mt. Hebron young ladies tennis on approach to procuring Player of Year

Trinetra Vijayakumar acknowledges objectives with Mt. Hebron young ladies tennis on approach to procuring Player of Year

In the realm of sports, representation is an integral asset.

With regards to hitting a match dominating shot or catching a title, envisioning an objective is regularly the initial move toward accomplishing it.

On account of Trinetra Vijayakumar, the second she had been working out in her mind and pursuing these most recent couple of years wasn’t too bombastic. In the wake of growing up rehearsing on the tennis courts outside Mt. Hebron High School, Vijayakumar basically couldn’t sit tight for her opportunity to at last put on a Vikings’ uniform.

“I realize it sounds senseless, however the Mt. Hebron courts have consistently been a second home to me,” she said. “My home is near the point that, growing up, I invested essentially the entirety of my energy there. Toward the rear of my head, I was essentially checking down the time until I got my opportunity to at long last be in the group. I wasn’t pondering winning or anything … it was simply I can hardly wait to play for Mt. Hebron and address the school admirably well.”

This spring, as a green bean, Vijayakumar got her hotly anticipated chance and took advantage of it.

Working out of the No. 1 singles spot from Day One, she went an ideal 14-0 by and large en route to catching area and state titles. Not exclusively did she not lose a match, she lost just three games the entire season — incorporating just one in the postseason.

For her strength, she has been named the Howard County Times/Columbia Flier Girls Tennis Player of the Year. It’s the first run through a young ladies player from Mt. Hebron has procured the qualification since Katie Long in 2000.

“In any event, being only 14 years of age, her development and presence on the court this season was way beyond anyone I have at any point seen at this level,” mentor Kevin Hendon said. “She was so engaged and even as a player and had abilities on the court that were progressed to such an extent that she truly was in her very own alliance.”

The tennis venture for Vijayakumar, who is at present positioned right external the best 50 broadly in the Junior Tennis Rankings among rising sophomores, began when she was 3 years of age. Her father, Vijay, acquainted her with the game, and after a short time she started working with mentor Bill Noel.

At the point when she began playing competitions at 10 years old, she additionally changed to working with her present mentor Vadim Fishkin — somebody she sees upwards of five times each week.

Her development as a player the most recent couple of years has been as much about dominating the specialized parts of the game as it has been tied in with improving intellectually.

“The greatest thing right now for me is having a decent attitude,” Vijayakumar said. “I’m presently beginning to have a ball on the court more and furthermore making an honest effort to play more forceful tennis. I focus on a major first serve and afterward center around stepping in for the following shot.”

As predominant as this first season at Mt. Hebron was, it almost never occurred. Vijayakumar was postponed in getting her desk work in and along these lines didn’t formally join the group until just before the group’s first match.

Indeed, Hendon hadn’t in reality even seen Vijayakumar play until she ventured onto the court against Marriotts Ridge’s Anna Ottman on May 11 and procured a 8-1 triumph.

“I had data coming from the children, a large number of whom had seen her play, so despite the fact that I didn’t think a lot about her I sort of twisted around in reverse to ensure we had a spot for her,” Hendon said. “When she at last went along with us and played in that first match, it was enlightening.”

Vijayakumar never eased back down, frequently having things completely under control with her consistency and all-around game.

However, for as much individual accomplishment as she had, Vijayakumar appeared to appreciate being important for a group as much as whatever else. She generally stuck around subsequent to dominating her game to root for her partners, warming up to the group’s substitutes and savoring the kinship.

Even after an overwhelming exertion in the 3A state title game — dominating 6-1, 6-0 over C. Milton Wright’s Frances Ceballos — she rushed to bring up that what implied the most to her was doing her part to put Mt. Hebron tennis back on the guide.

“My concentrate all year was to get it done for the school,” she said. “Everybody was so incredible to me on and off the court and they were so promising. I felt like I had an incredible bond with the entire group and having the option to win for Mt. Hebron implied such a great amount to me.”

Corinne Chau, Howard sophomore. Chau went undefeated during the ordinary season, aggregating a 11-0 record while playing at No. 1 singles and No. 1 duplicates. When playing young ladies duplicates, she consistently collaborated with Viola Yu and the pair got large successes over River Hill and the inevitable state-title team from Centennial. In the postseason, she collaborated with Alex Brousseau to win four matches and a 4A East Region title at blended copies prior to losing to the possible state champions from Churchill in the state semis.

Michelle Fradlin, Centennial rookie. Playing principally out of the No. 2 singles spot for the Eagles, Fradlin had a predominant standard season. She won nine straight matches until losing the customary season finale against Howard while playing at No. 1 duplicates, her first blending with Rose Huang. Once the postseason started, be that as it may, Fradlin and Huang hit their sweet spot. The team won five straight matches en route to getting the 3A state young ladies copies title and never lost more than four games in any of those matchups.

Adelaide Houston, River Hill first year recruit. After a lethargic beginning to the season that included two early misfortunes, Houston bounced back to not lose again until the provincial finals against possible state-champion Trinetra Vijayakumar. Playing at No. 1 singles, Houston completed the customary season 7-2 and afterward won two matches in the area competition.

Rose Huang, Centennial junior. There two or three difficulties for Huang during the standard season while playing at No. 1 singles for the Eagles and afterward, in her first blending with Michelle Fradlin at duplicates, she lost a tight match against Howard in the last area match. Be that as it may, once the postseason started, Huang and Fradlin hit their sweet spot. The couple won five straight matches while heading to getting the 3A state young ladies duplicates title and never lost more than four games in any of those matchups.

Audrey Oaksmith, Centennial senior. In the wake of playing to a .500 record during the customary season while playing fundamentally at No. 1 duplicates — adding a singles triumph against Howard — Oaksmith had an essential postseason. She joined Keshav Ganapathy to play blended duplicates and the couple won four straight matches to win the 3A East Region title. The run finished in the state elimination rounds against the possible state champions from Urbana.

Niki Patel, Atholton senior. Patel completed the standard season 6-3 while parting time between No. 2 singles and No. 1 duplicates. Then, at that point, in the 3A East Region competition, she combined with colleague Alex Nguyen to win two matches in blended duplicates prior to losing in the district last.

Priyanka Ramulu, River Hill sophomore. For the province champion Hawks, Ramulu went 6-2 while parting time between No. 1 copies and No. 2 singles. She then, at that point matched with partner Siri Jale to make the 3A East Region finals in young ladies copies, losing to possible state champions Rose Huang and Michelle Fradlin.

Shivaani Selvan, Hammond rookie. The Golden Bears’ first-year star at No. 1 singles played in just a modest bunch of matches during the standard season yet won every one of them. Her greatest triumph came against Centennial’s Rose Huang by a score of 8-3. Selvan picked not to contend in the district competition.

Gabby Tseytlin, Marriotts Ridge senior. It was an undefeated customary season for Tseytlin, who played generally out of the No. 2 singles position yet additionally collaborated with Anna Ottman to two or three pairs matches. During regionals, she matched with Ethan Bernstein to make the 3A East blended duplicates district elimination rounds prior to losing in a tiebreak.

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