The police killed the tiger that killed 9 people in India

The police killed the tiger

The tiger was called the ‘cannibal of the forest’. The tiger killed at least nine people in Champaran district of Bihar state, India. Finally, the police shot him dead last Saturday. BBC news

The tiger was a source of terror for the residents of Bihar’s Valmiki Tiger Sanctuary. About 200 policemen and district administration officials entered the field to kill it. Elephants were also used to find the tiger.

The male tiger known to be a cannibal is three years old. Bihar’s Valmiki Tiger Sanctuary director Nesamani Kay said the tiger had killed a woman and her baby—a search was launched on Saturday soon after it was reported. Bihar Police led the operation.

Kumar Gupta, chief wild animal keeper of the region, said that it had to be very fast to kill the tiger. He said several attempts were made to knock it unconscious. But it was not successful. Even after being surrounded, the tiger showed no fear.

The police killed the tiger

The official also said that two groups of two elephants entered the forest. Another group was outside in a certain place. It was thought that the tiger would come out after being chased. Later at 3:30 PM the tiger was shot.

India has more than 70 percent of the world’s tiger population. In 2019, the information provided by the country’s government says that 40 to 50 people die in tiger attacks in India every year.

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