Suzuki Gears Up for 2024 SuperMotocross with Exciting Team Lineups

Suzuki 2024 SuperMotocross Teams

Suzuki is revving up excitement with the announcement of its factory-supported teams for the 2024 SuperMotocross season. The roster includes the HEP Motorsports and BARX Suzuki teams, promising a thrilling mix of returning talents and fresh faces on the tracks.

HEP Motorsports: A Blend of Familiar and New

The 450 class will see familiar names under the HEP Motorsports banner, with Roczen, Chisholm, and Mcelrath gearing up for another high-octane season. There’s a buzz around the BARX Team as it showcases a nearly brand-new lineup, signaling fresh strategies and potential surprises on the racecourse.

Pipes Motorsports Group: Dual Team Effort in the 450-Class

The Pipes Motorsports Group’s dual team effort is set to make a splash in the 450-class championship. The 2024 Toyota Redlands BARX Suzuki squad is poised to field a dynamic lineup across the 250 and 450 classes, with five riders ready to challenge the tracks.

Progressive Insurance ECSTAR Suzuki and Twisted Tea Suzuki Teams

2024 will see the return of two HEP Motorsports squads: Progressive Insurance ECSTAR Suzuki and Twisted Tea Suzuki Presented by Progressive Insurance. Riders Roczen and Chisholm express their excitement and readiness to elevate their performances, aiming for podium finishes with a combination of experience and hard work.

Pipes Motorsports Group: Building on Continuity

Dustin Pipes, Team Principle of Pipes Motorsports Group, shares his enthusiasm for the upcoming season. Emphasizing hard work and optimism, he looks forward to building on the continuity achieved last season with a strong returning group, including Ken, Shane, and Kyle.

Larry Brooks: Leading HEP Towards Success

Larry Brooks, the respected leader and team manager of HEP, anticipates another successful year. With a focus on hard work during the off-season and strong performances from Ken, Kyle, and Shane, he’s eager to see the fruits of their labor at the season’s opener in Anaheim.

Toyota Redlands BARX Suzuki: A Young and Dynamic Team

The 2024 Toyota Redlands BARX Suzuki team is ready to showcase its prowess, primarily racing with the Suzuki RM-Z250s and fielding one rider in the 450 class. The team consists of five young, ambitious riders, including Derek Drake, Max Miller, Preston Boespflug, Anthony Bourdon, and Dilan Schwartz, each bringing their unique strengths and experiences to the team.

As Suzuki unveils its formidable lineups for the 2024 SuperMotocross teams season, fans and enthusiasts can expect an electrifying mix of seasoned expertise and youthful vigor, all aiming to dominate the tracks and reach new heights of racing excellence.

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