St. X swimming and diving team reflects on winning first-ever national championship

St. X swimming and diving team reflects on winning first-ever national championship

We do rely on that tradition, but I think it’s important that each year and each team has their own identity,” said St. X head coach Todd Larkin.

Earlier this year, the program won its 33rd straight state title, its 57th state title overall.

But this year’s team also achieved something no other team in program history could.

“It’s been something that we’ve been chasing since I joined the team,” said Holden Smith. “And I know coach has had that on his mind for a really long time.”

For the first time ever, the Tigers were named national champions, after finishing atop the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association rankings.

According to a press release from St. X, “The rankings are based on a point system for high school short course yards or short course meters dual meets. Points are scored based on the swimmer’s time results and range from 0 to 200 per event.”

“What this team and what this program does a great job of is swimming in the moment,” said Larkin. “And I think this championship was a perfect example of that, of just maxing out the moment and not getting too far ahead of ourselves.”

That took discipline, especially this past season, when there was so much uncertainty thanks to the pandemic.

“They handled everything that was thrown at them,” said Larkin. “Their ability to train and just their mental toughness toward the season, they really called upon.”

The Tigers understand the history and why this national championship is so special.

Yet, at the same time, returners next year, like Jack Anderson, are hoping that winning on this scale becomes the new normal.

“The bar is extremely high now,” said Jack Anderson. “We got a lot of work to do again this year. All the seniors last year were amazing and we’re going to miss them a lot. But, I know we can do it again. So, just start working hard again… we’ll make it happen.”

The school is planning an on-campus celebration Aug. 14 to recognize the national championship.

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