School sports leagues face host of issues

School sports leagues face host of issues

After successful high school league operations, there are pressing issues facing both Interscholastic Athletic Association of Guam and Guam Department of Education Interscholastic Sports Association that need to be resolved this summer.

A mandatory members meeting for each body for all superintendents, headmasters, principals and athletic directors should be held to decide which direction to take because schools cannot be members of both bodies.

Angel Calugay
Each member must remain loyal to its governing body, stay true to its convictions and constitutional mission. Most importantly, each body and its members have a duty to act on behalf of and protect the interests, safety and welfare of each student-athlete by abiding by and enforcing five foundations of governance:

Federal (U.S. Constitution/amendments), Title 7 (civil rights) and Title 9 (Sports Equity Act for equal opportunities and principles and local laws.
Principles/guidelines/ game rules set by the National Federation of State High School Associations — age eligibility, enrollment/attendance, maximum participation, transfer/residency, academics, recruiting/undue influence, etc.
Constitution/bylaws of each body.

Board of Education policies.
Athletic Administration policies and responsibilities at the school level.

Both bodies must move forward separately because private and public are different entities, grow/expand their programs to maximize participation opportunities for their combined student populations and strengthen their autonomy.

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Unresolved issues
The first split was 21 years ago. The same unresolved issues and structure of the IIAAG resulted in the second split in 2019. Having watched this for two decades, these are the concerns that need to be addressed:

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