ProTime’s Pick’em Challenge: The OG Retains his Crown

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Marcus Sic | December 11, 2023



It was truly fitting the OG, Protime Phil would go a perfect 6 for 6 on his picks for the state championship weekend, to defend his ProTime Pick’em Challenge Belt. For the season Protime picked 140 winners out of a possible 186 chances. His winning percentage was a gaudy 75% on the season. Protime’s nearest pursuers going into the final 6 championship games went a combined 10 for 18. After Southern Columbia’s epic 99-yard championship drive to win the 2A title Friday afternoon, Protime had secured his second straight title.

Hollywood, who went 4 for 6 in the championship round, finished second in the Challenge. After falling into the bottom half of the table after week 3, Hollywood had an impressive charge to give Phil a bit of a scare, while finishing a solid second place. Alex took a bold swing during championship week, in his attempt to overtake Protime, unfortunately for Alex, So Co’s championship drive put an end to Alex’s quest to dethrone Protime. With a 3 and 6 championship week and a season record of 135/186 Alex was able to secure the final spot on the podium. Just missing out on the podium with a 134/186 record was Jared, who had a 3/6 championship weekend. The Bossman and yours truly tied for 5th with a season record of 131/186, Billy went 4/6 while I had a so so 3/6 championship week.

In the closest contest of the year was the race to get out of the cellar and avoid relegation. Going into the weekend it looked like MasonDawg was destine to wallow in the cellar by himself during the long offseason. MasonDawg was able to rise to the occasion with a fantastic 5 out of 6, while Dan was going 3/6, making both of these “expert pickers” 116/186 for the season, a mere 24 wins behind Protime. The good news for MasonDawg is that he will have Dan with him in the cellar as we wait the long 8 months until the 2024 season kicks off. Tristan, with a 4 out of 6 list of winners this week was able to escape the cellar by one win, going 117/186 on the year.

This week 3 of our expert prognosticators went a perfect 6-6 for championship weekend, the aforementioned Protime Phil, D1 guru Mayhem and our computer geek ED. For the season PFN’s experts went an impressive 1,658 out of 2,418 for a 69% winning percentage.

So, begins the long offseason, luckily starting in a couple months the All-Star games begin to indulge our need for high school football. There are a couple of things to ponder during these long winter months: can anyone stop Protime’s attempt at a three-peat, will Luxy finally enter the fray and join the panel for next year, will yours truly not fade like a bad paint job when the season moves to the big games? Enjoy the off season, see you next year!



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