Perry County High School Soccer Stadium will be closed after 75 years

Perry County High School Soccer Stadium will be closed after 75 years

Community members say they were left in the dark of the stadium’s financial problems.

Crooksville, Ohio — Crooksville High School national team soccer players will not be able to run again on the field of the 75-year-old stadium.

The Crooksville Exempt School District resolves to build a new stadium after months of discussions with the village council about the possibility of taking over the stadium or paying to solve the stadium lighting problem. did.

The stadium problem began a few years before school districts, villages and athletic meet learned that the stadium lighting polls held here in the late 1960s were deteriorating.

Last winter, the stadium’s lighting vote fell and he left the stadium helplessly.

But to understand how complicated the solution to power problems has become, we need to go back 70 years.

Crooksville Stadium may be the only high school stadium in Ohio that is not owned by the school district. The land of the stadium is owned by the village, but maintenance is the sole responsibility of the athletic meet.

The association, which consists of volunteers, has agreed to borrow $ 1 from the village for 99 years in return for maintaining the stadium.

The school district pays the athletic meet to use the field, but has no legal authority to pay for improvement. Neither of them owns it, so so does the village.

“Over time, as interested parents watched their children play and progress, the number of participants in the athletic meet decreased, and volunteer activity and participation declined,” said village chief Chris Moller. Said. I tried, but last year’s COVID really hurt my source of income. Audiences, concessions and concessions are just one example of their loss of income. “

According to Superintendent Smith Kevin Smith, the cost of providing temporary lighting to the stadium was discussed with the village.

He said 10tv would cost $ 80,000 a season. He said the cost of installing all the new permanent lighting was $ 275,000.

The village claimed to be working on a charitable donation to pay for permanent lighting, but the mayor said it didn’t happen.

“If a major electrical contractor in Perizberg, Ohio contacts you on Monday afternoon and a school, village, or athletic meet meets with AEP representatives to discuss a charitable donation of materials needed for work, do the work. I promised, “Morler explained.

It’s not clear if AEP recognized this. The company told 10TV that no one in the village had contacted any of its operations staff.

The school district offered to buy a stadium, and the village seemed to be on board.

When the two were preparing to come up with details, the district chose to build its own stadium where the junior national team would play and where the trucks are currently located.

“Our goal is to create a facility where they can play next year,” Smith said.

He says the new stadium will be built with subsidies rather than school taxes.

Many in the community felt that the financial problems facing the stadium were in the dark and were surprised to find that they didn’t have time to raise money to fix the electrical problems.

Chelsea Hurst, who created the GoFundMe page to help fund the stadium, said:

Hurst says that 100% of the money she has already raised goes to the new stadium.

Moller disagrees that the community was in the dark.

“One of the things our community knows about is the football program. The athletic meet and village renewed a lease dedicated to the area, which is the football field of our park, in 2007/2008. It’s been 99 years. It was a lease of, and they were supposed to maintain and perform all the work needed to keep the field in shape. To get the money needed to redo the spectator seats and improve the field. Until last Thursday, the school had or had a lease with an athletic meet to play games in the field. Many people in the community, associations, and schools were aware of it, “he said. Told.

Perry County High School Soccer Stadium will be closed after 75 years

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