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Written by: Noah Stomsky on Saturday, November 26th, 2022


A slow start didn’t mean anything to Imhotep. Going three and out, letting up an early score, all it did was get rid of the jitters. The first quarter was fast and looked like both teams would be equal in strength but when the second quarter came, it showed who the better team was. Imhotep outscoring Whitehall 34-0 just in the second quarter created a score differential that came very handy in deciding who would win the game.

“It was amazing I think we needed something like that to kind of get us rolling we struggled a lot last week but to get the offense rolling like that and defensively especially to stay dominant you love it at this point of the year” – Coach Johnson on how he feels about the dominant 55-7 win.

Both teams started slowly with three-and-outs and trading punts. On Whitehall’s next drive it looked like everything would turn around for them. They got Tep to jump offsides on a 4th and 3 lead straight to a 19-yard touchdown on the next play. #18 Aiden Parvel off an in route while slipping a tackle at the 10 and reaching into the endzone at the 3 while being tackled put Whitehall on the board with 3:26 to remain in the 1st. Whitehall’s lead wouldn’t last long, Tep struck right back on their second drive with the ball. Standout running back Jabree Wallace-Coleman took a pass from Mikal Davis for 60 yards. For Wallace-Coleman, this would be his 1st of 3 touchdowns; for Mikal, this was his 1st of 5. With 2 minutes remaining in the quarter the game was tied 7-7 and the score stayed that way to the end of the quarter.

@TepFootball strikes right back on a 60-yard touchdown to #1 Jabree Wallace Coleman. 7-7 game with 2 minutes in the quarter. @PaFootballNews

— Noah (@NStomsky) November 26, 2022

The second quarter is where Imhotep showed everyone on the field and in the stands who they actually were. Tep’s first play of the quarter was a 59-yard passing touchdown. Qb Davis found #21 Corey Wright-Downing in the middle of the field for the touchdown 20 seconds into the quarter, for Davis this was his second touchdown of the game while for Wright-Downing this was his first and only touchdown. After constant pressure on Whitehall’s offense, they had to punt yet again and straight away which lead to Davis’s 3rd touchdown of the game, a rushing touchdown. From one yard out a Qb sneak and push gave them the 21-7 lead with 6:42 in the half. After a swatted pass at the line of scrimmage, Imhotep took over at their 23 from a punt. For the second time in the game, Tep scored off the first play of the drive. Davis took the snap for 77 yards after slipping between two defenders at the 24 and went the rest of the way untouched by anyone. Davis scored his 4th of the game in style with 5:08 remaining in the half.

“I was just looking at the Apex the Joker and he took the runningback so you know I just went under and ran our play, looked back to make sure no one was behind me, and full stride to the endzone”- Davis when asked about his touchdown.

@TepFootball starts the drive with incredible TD on a 77 yard keep by Davis for the 28-7 lead with 5:08 in the half. @PaFootballNews

— Noah (@NStomsky) November 26, 2022

With only five minutes remaining in the half, Tep and Davis were still not done scoring. A forced pass by Whitehall lead to an interception by #22 Raheem Reid who took the ball all the way to the 2 almost getting in the endzone with 2:30 remaining in the half. Two plays later Tep would finally get in the endzone off a 1-yard rush by #8 Rahmir Stewart which extended the lead to 35-7 with 2:03 in the half. Tep forced yet another punt and they started their final drive of the half at their 34. Going the length of the field fast they flew all the way to the 24 with 9 seconds remaining in the half where Davis found #15, Johann Hennigan for 24 yards in the middle of the endzone with 3 seconds left in the half.

@TepFootball adds salt to the sounds scoring again with 3 seconds left. 24-yard TD to #15 Johann Hennigan. Tep up 41-7 @PaFootballNews

— Noah (@NStomsky) November 26, 2022

Imhotep was all over the 1st half. The defense shutting down the run, pass pressure gave the Qb no time in the pocket, and missing very few tackles. “They been doing it all year, we preached 11 to the ball everybody being gap sound those guys play for one another they play fast we don’t do a whole lot schematic wise we allow them to see the ball make plays and everybody do their Job. They been doing it all year and hopefully they can carry us to a state title”- Coach Johnson when asked about the defense throughout the 1st half and the game.

The second half was still all Tep for defense but on offense, it was all Wallace-Coleman. Tep scored only twice in the 2nd half both being in the 3rd quarter. Coleman’s 2nd touchdown came from a power run. Wallace-Coleman carried his defender for 14 yards after he was hit and grabbed at the 14 yet he kept his legs moving and they didn’t slow him down from getting in the endzone to push the lead to 48-7 with 8:47 in the third. Whitehall’s first drive of the game went four and out and lead to Imhotep starting at the 38 where for the third time in the game they scored on their first play. Wallace-Coleman bounced off the initial hit and took the ball for 38 yards into the endzone which gave him his third and final touchdown of the day and Tep’s last score of the day to push the lead to its final 55-7 score with 4:59 in the third.

“I gotta score, I was already right there it was too close to go down I had to score it’s my whole motive”- Coleman when asked about his power run.

#1 Wallace-Coleman keeps his legs moving on a 21-yard touchdown to extend @TepFootball lead to 48-7 with 8:47 in the 3rd @PaFootballNews

— Noah (@NStomsky) November 26, 2022

The fourth quarter came and went fast and neither team scored or turned the ball over. The game ended with Imhotep winning 55-7 but to Davis and Wallace-Coleman this game had some impact on them as players. Davis being one touchdown off from setting a school record for most total touchdowns by a quarterback in a game, and for Wallace-Coleman surpassing 1,000 yards on the year.

“I feel really great I mean to be honest I expect to win every game I expected to win today but not with 5 touchdowns under my belt”- Davis when asked about his 5 touchdowns. “I feel like I did really great I had some minor mistakes but that’s gonna happen I’m gonna go to practice next week and fix those”-Davis continued when asked about his performance.

“I’m really excited I can’t wait to go celebrate ’cause I been thinking about this all season like I needed a thousand”- Coleman when asked on how he felt for surpassing 1,000 yards. “I had a good performance I could’ve done a little better but it was a good game”-Coleman added on about his performance.

“I love it man I love it and I hope Whitehall knows like we weren’t trying to run up the score but we needed to get Jabree his 1,000 yards because you never know and then we wanted to try and get Mikal that record but those dudes been great for us all year and it’s their second year in the system and you know they just making plays and we really looking at those guys to carry us throughout this whole thing” – Coach Johnson mentioned when asked about Davis and Coleman’s accomplishments.

Imhotep moves on to Semi-Finals to play a complete team In Upper Dublin, “Continue to do what we do play our best football not hurt ourselves and we have the athletes to match up with it I think we pretty good up front so it’s definitely going to be a battle all game’s are battle this time of the year but we going to be prepared for it”-Coach Johnson’s preparations to take on Upper Dublin next week.

Imhotep bouncing back in a commanding win after a stressful 14-6 win over Roman Catholic last week shows how much more ready and prepared Tep was for this week instead of last. Their offense still shows to be a very run-heavy team and between the two-way Qb Davis, all-purpose back Coleman, and lean-back Stewart, the offense looks ready. For the defense, Imhotep’s defense came out ready to play, with non-stop pressure, very few missed tackles, stuffing the run game, creating havoc up front, staying attached to the wide-outs, and their size shows that Tep’s defense is very tough physically and literally.

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