How are Bangladeshis doing after the Russian missile attack on Kiev

Russian missile attack on Kiev

Habibur Rahman was preparing to take his younger son Karim to school in the morning. It was around seven o’clock in the morning. Habib lives in the Niprovsky district of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. His home is in Gazipur, Bangladesh. He has been in Ukraine for more than three decades. He is married to Ilona, ​​a Ukrainian woman. Karim is the youngest of two children of Habib-Ilona couple.

On Monday morning, when Karim was getting dressed for school, Habib’s phone suddenly rang the alarm. At the same time, sirens started ringing outside. The government has now set up alarms on mobile phones to warn Ukrainian citizens before a possible attack. Along with that, there are local sirens and warnings in various media.

Habibur was saying, ‘Giving an alarm on a mobile phone means that you should be alert. Take safe shelter. Not only in Kiev, but in many places in Ukraine, there is a safe shelter under every house. You have to go there when the alarm goes off.

In the area where Abdul Jabbar lives, there is the Parliament building of Ukraine and some important government offices. Therefore, the security system there is relatively high, he said. Jabbar said that there was no missile attack near his area. However, the explosion was heard from that area.

Ukraine’s government service providers have been on alert since the blasts. Almost all Bangladeshis spoke about the various forms of government assistance given to the citizens during the war. There is a helpline number 5146. If you call there, you will get any kind of assistance, said Jabbar. He said, especially elderly people, sick or disabled people get quick response if they have any need.

It is not difficult to take these people out even during the curfew if necessary. From foodstuffs to tap water or toilets, if they are damaged, they need to be repaired, but there is cooperation.

After yesterday’s attack, the traffic on the road increased. However, no army member misbehaved with anyone, said Jabbar. They are not allowed to go out unless necessary. Wanting to know the reason for going out.

Russian missile attack on Kiev

Winter has just started to fall in Ukraine. Morning temperature is around 2 degrees Celsius. But it’s no winter for snow-covered Ukraine. This weather creates a pleasant atmosphere for the local residents. Their wartime days were also passing through this.

But that was interrupted by yesterday’s attack. After that, there was no attack till Tuesday morning. Abdul Jabbar got up this morning and went to work. From there, he showed the school building on video call and also sent some pictures. Almost deserted streets on the bright side of Kiev, beautiful buildings on both sides, a collection of different species of trees.

Putin’s missiles may attack Kiev again by killing this solitude. Bangladeshis living in Kiev are not so afraid of it now. But their relatives in the country are more worried about them.

Hasinul and Jabbar said that after the attack, they received numerous calls from relatives including brothers and sisters from Bangladesh. They suffer in their hearts because of their anxiety.

Jabbar was saying, ‘I am not afraid anymore. It is painful to see relatives worry about us. They are really scared. But we hope, such suffering will not last long.

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