High school cross country: Carbon and Ogden win 3A championship

The Carbon Dinos stole the show at the 3A girls’ cross-country championship. The Dinos had five runners in the top 25 which was more than enough for Carbon to earn its first 3A girls’ cross-country championship after Carbon earned a second-place finish in 2021.

Carbon also had Rozlyn Stowe, a freshman who won her first individual title after running a time of 18:17.1, nine seconds ahead of second place. Stowe got out ahead early and only lengthened her lead throughout the race.

“I really enjoyed my season I think I learned a lot since this was my first year. It was a lot harder than I expected, not just the running part but everything like grades and trying to stay on top of everything. I really liked this season, and I really don’t think I could have done it without my team because they helped me a lot and so did my coaches,” said Stowe.

Carbon also had Lindsee Fausett who finished 10th, Ambree Jones who finished 13th, Sophia Taylor who finished 16th and Beverly Lancaster who finished 23rd for a combined score of 63. Carbon scored 18 points ahead of Grand who placed second overall with a score of 81 and Canyon View who placed third with a score of 88.

In the individual category, Jaylie Jenkins from Union ran a time of 18.26.5, which was the second-best individual time, and Cadence Kasprick from Grand ran a 19.10.1 which was the third best individual time.

On the other side of things, Richard Crane finished first overall today with a 14 second lead over second place finisher Carter Parsons. Crane finished second overall in 2021, losing to Jack Blodgett of Ogden but got his revenge today.

Crane gained a healthy lead and never let up and he crossed the finish line with confidence. “You just got to let them know who you are, if you’re running the best, you should make it look easy.”

When asked if today was his best, Crane responded, “not at all, I have so much potential in me, I think I can run a lot faster than that. But I pulled away with about a mile and a half left and just took it from there. I’ve wanted a state championship since my freshman year, now I got It so I’m super happy.”

Right behind Crane were two Ogden runners. Carter Parsons who had a time of 16.11.5, and Jack Blodgett who was recorded at 16.15.8.

Despite not earning the individual title this year, the Ogden boys cross country team dominated the competition and won its second state championship in two years, both years that Ogden has been competing in 3A.

Ogden high finished with an impressive five runners in the top 20 and two runners in the top three.

The Ogden runners are Carter Parsons who finished 1st, Jack Blodgett who finished 2nd, Coby Wight who finished 13th, Thomas Stark who finished 17th, and Noah Judd who finished 19th.

The Tigers had a combined score of 52, an astounding 56 points better than the next closest teams which were Canyon View and Carbon, who each scored 106.

Class 3A State Championships

At Regional Athletic Complex

Girls team scores

Carbon, 63Grand, 81Canyon View, 88Ogden, 132Morgan, 157Union, 173Manti, 175Judge Memorial, 206

Girls Individual results

Rozlyn Stowe, Carbon, 18:17.1Jaylie Jenkins, Union, 18:26.5Cadence Kasprick, Grand County, 19:10.1Lydia Forsyth, Canyon View, 19:23.9Corrine Higgins, Judge Memorial CHS, 19:26.0Oi Ling Stevens, Juan Diego CHS, 19:29.4Ainsleigh Kasprick, Grand County, 19:29.8River White, Union, 19:33.5Isabelle McCullough, Summit Academy, 19:36.7Addie Hurst, Emery, 19:51.8Lindsie Fausett, Carbon, 20:01.5Cora Baird, Grand County, 20:07.5Alexis Weiers, Morgan, 20:13.7Ambree Jones, Carbon, 20:26.8Paige Curtis, Delta, 20:28.8Jane Brown, Canyon View, 20:32.1Madelyn Christensen, North Sanpete, 20:33.7Sophia Taylor, Carbon, 20:34.4Isabella Gray, Ogden, 20:37.2Keltsy Fowles, Manti, 20:39.9Kate Jessen, Canyon View, 20:41.6Helen Grover, Manti, 20:50.5Clara Compton, Morgan, 20:50.6Lundi Ferrier, Ben Lomond, 20:52.2Kaitlyn Blackham, Ogden, 20:56.1Beverly Lancaster, Carbon, 20:58.0Gem Garner, Ogden, 20:59.1Emma Rigby, Canyon View, 21:03.4Lara Sorensen, Canyon View, 21:04.7Jayde Young, Grand County, 21:06.6Brighten Goold, Richfield, 21:15.5Donna Gonzalez, Ogden, 21:16.1Ada Bradford, Carbon, 21:22.4Lila Knight, Summit Academy, 21:23.3Brekyn Gossling, Morgan, 21:28.7Allie Sloan, Juan Diego CHS, 21:31.1Makenzie Mayer, Grand County, 21:31.6Macey Sorenson, Canyon View, 21:32.9Sharon Gunn, Morgan, 21:34.2Isabella Knudsen, Manti, 21:35.0Bethany Swallom, Grantsville, 21:44.8Ellie Hanson, Carbon, 21:46.5Ella Still, Judge Memorial CHS, 21:47.5Carlie Hurst, Emery, 21:50.8Jocelyn Stewart, North Sanpete, 21:51.2Julia Draper, Ogden, 21:56.0Madi Johansen, North Sanpete, 21:59.0Scarlett Nunez-Dorsch, Judge Memorial CHS, 21:59.8Maude Poirier, Juan Diego CHS, 22:01.5Berlin Bartlett, Ogden, 22:03.4Mia McKay, Grand County, 22:03.6Tylee Henrie, North Sanpete, 22:09.5Ashlyn Dustin, Canyon View, 22:10.4Cami Merrill, Manti, 22:11.5Myriam Cortez, Judge Memorial CHS, 22:14.1Rebecca Jenks, Ogden, 22:17.5Andilyn Noyes, Manti, 22:20.9Naomi Wells, Union, 22:25.3Samantha Christensen, Delta, 22:29.7Annabel Wells, Union, 22:30.5Karley Anderson, Manti, 22:31.0Mattie Richens, Union, 22:36.5Christina Boyle, Layton Christian Acad, 22:47.3Chloe Wheeler, Union, 22:49.0Melanie Bybee, Morgan, 22:52.5Patience Garcia, Grantsville, 22:52.6Ethney Lemery, Union, 23:05.1Meghan Fowles, Manti, 23:08.8Brooklynn Buhler, Providence Hall, 23:11.4Olivia Young, Juan Diego CHS, 23:12.2Maggie Groene, Grand County, 23:13.7Nicole Merhi, Juan Diego CHS, 23:16.7Lindsay Birt, Morgan, 23:31.9Brooklyn Larsen, North Sanpete, 23:34.4Sophia Camargo, Grantsville, 23:37.7Kenzee Slater, Juab, 23:54.8Abby Quigley, Juan Diego CHS, 24:12.2Sophia Tomczak, Judge Memorial CHS, 24:24.4Regan Georgeson, Summit Academy, 24:32.0Mari Briggs, North Sanpete, 24:32.1Mac Sibthorpe, Judge Memorial CHS, 24:43.7Kiara Hayward, Morgan, 24:53.1Eliza Kasperson, North Sanpete, 25:15.3Lola Barkema, Ben Lomond, 25:29.8Isabella Carmona, Summit Academy, 25:50.0Vivian Fehrenbach, Summit Academy, 26:38.0Kalli Bo, Judge Memorial CHS, 26:39.7Scotlyn Bradley, Summit Academy, 26:54.0Sofia Lira, Summit Academy, 26:54.7Donnalyn Wolsey, American Leadership Acad, 27:20.2Challis Anderson, Grantsville, 27:20.6Ana Limberg, Grantsville, 29:14.2Isabela Bates, Grantsville, 29:36.6

Boys team scores

Ogden, 52Canyon View, 106Carbon, 106Morgan, 132Union, 136Emery, 142Manti, 187Juan Diego, 194

Boys Individual results

Richard Crane, Richfield, 15:57.5Carter Parsons, Ogden, 16:11.5Jack Blodgett, Ogden, 16:15.8Josh Nicolaides, Morgan, 16:18.3Ej Lee, Morgan, 16:23.8Camdon Larsen, Emery, 16:28.9Tezra Fisk, North Sanpete, 16:31.6Braxton Ware, Carbon, 16:35.9Paul Squire, Union, 16:37.4Thomas Daniels, Canyon View, 16:40.0Stewart Woodward, Summit Academy, 16:43.0Curran Madden, Juan Diego CHS, 16:46.1Bryson Ottley, Summit Academy, 16:49.9Coby Wight, Ogden, 16:50.4Patrick Reilly, Juan Diego CHS, 16:53.8Easton Humes, Carbon, 16:54.7Payson Slade, Canyon View, 16:55.7Thomas Stark, Ogden, 16:59.5Garrett Black, Carbon, 17:04.3Noah Judd, Ogden, 17:06.0Talmage Day, Juab, 17:07.8Tyler Taggart, Manti, 17:08.6Kyle Steinfeldt, Manti, 17:09.0Ben Nielson, Ogden, 17:12.2Aften Richens, Union, 17:12.5Bret Sorensen, Canyon View, 17:13.6Noah Tebben, Judge Memorial CHS, 17:14.1Logan Hadley, Canyon View, 17:16.2Jack Christiansen, Emery, 17:17.9Merritt Meccariello, Emery, 17:22.7Colby Hollobaugh, Union, 17:23.9Nathan Garrett, Juab, 17:26.8Hudson Clark, Grantsville, 17:28.8Kyle Ransom, Canyon View, 17:32.7Sean Stromness, Carbon, 17:33.3Jaxon DeMille, Richfield, 17:33.4Dylan Gines, Morgan, 17:33.7Logan Mcevoy, Carbon, 17:34.1Nathaniel Callison, Canyon View, 17:34.3Hunter Horrocks, Union, 17:34.4Tyler Norris, Manti, 17:36.2Jaron Thomas, Richfield, 17:36.2Ryland Cook, North Sanpete, 17:38.5Dillan Larsen, Emery, 17:40.9Matthew Costello, Union, 17:42.7Ty Jessen, Canyon View, 17:44.1John Ussing, Grantsville, 17:44.4Trevor Anderson, American Leadership Academy, 17:45.9Mason Hurdsman, Emery, 17:46.3Jonas Archibald, Morgan, 17:52.9Isaac Nordgren, Grantsville, 17:53.0Shepherd Foy, Juan Diego CHS, 17:54.0Mason Stewart, Emery, 17:54.9Daniel Christensen, Delta, 17:55.8Tyson Adams, Morgan, 17:57.9Wyatt Bailey, North Sanpete, 17:59.4Bryce Montgomery, Ogden, 18:01.1Samuel Edwards, Morgan, 18:05.1Nathan Engar, Carbon, 18:07.1Cooper Gardner, Union, 18:07.1Lowe Rasmussen, Manti, 18:09.2Trevor Taggart, Manti, 18:11.5Kaden McGovern, Summit Academy, 18:14.6Connor Orges, Juan Diego CHS, 18:19.1Monty Christiansen, Emery, 18:20.3Zacary Ivie, Union, 18:21.0Mason Blackham, American Leadership Academy, 18:22.3Joel Rose, Providence Hall, 18:22.3Hunter Belinski, Morgan, 18:23.7Theodore Hyngstrom, Judge Memorial CHS, 18:23.7Thomas Van de Camp, Judge Memorial CHS, 18:27.1Daxton Lear, Grantsville, 18:31.1Talon Grantz, Judge Memorial CHS, 18:31.5Brandon Wilson, Summit Academy, 18:39.2Gabe Woods, Juan Diego CHS, 18:41.7Clifford Richardson, Grantsville, 18:45.6Kenny DeLangis, Summit Academy, 18:45.7Benson May, Manti, 18:49.4Daniel Keegan, Juan Diego CHS, 18:54.0Hobie Hodlmair, Juan Diego CHS, 19:01.9Eric Jex, Grantsville, 19:13.9Wayde Smith, North Sanpete, 19:26.2Isaac Hemmert, Judge Memorial CHS, 19:26.7Ethan Carboni, Judge Memorial CHS, 19:34.5Matthew Buchanan, Grantsville, 19:39.3Jadon Heywood, North Sanpete, 19:51.8Taylor Dettinger, Manti, 19:55.2Cru McEntire, South Summit, 19:57.5Austin Koster, Summit Academy, 20:01.5Jonathan Petrogeorge, Judge Memorial CHS, 20:07.4Roman Zito, Summit Academy, 20:09.8Calder Bailey, North Sanpete, 20:17.0Thomas Goellner, Ben Lomond, 20:51.1

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