High school boys/girls basketball: Wednesday night roundup

Boys Basketball

Region 5

Bountiful 69, Northridge 46

The Bountiful Redhawks (8-4) emerged victorious against the Northridge Knights (3-9) in a commanding performance, with a final score of 69-46. The Redhawks’ success was bolstered by Carson Smith’s 12 points, including one 3-pointer. On the Knights’ side, De’Quone Kennedy was the top scorer, contributing 10 points. However, the Redhawks’ dominance, especially in the final quarter when they outscored the Knights 24-17, paved the way for their victory.

Bonneville 50, Roy 44

In a evenly matched contest, the Bonneville Lakers (6-6) managed to outplay the Roy Royals (6-6) with a final score of 50-44. Nick Sebehar proved crucial for the Lakers, scoring 12 points including a 3-pointer. Hayden Ashbridge also provided significant contribution with 10 points, two of them being 3-pointers. For the Royals, Colby Frokjer put up strong numbers with 16 points. Despite the Royals making a solid effort in the final quarter, the Lakers were able to maintain their lead and secure the victory.

Woods Cross 49, Clearfield 47

In a tightly contested game, the Woods Cross Wildcats (2-10) managed a 49-47 victory over the Clearfield Falcons (4-8). Eli Michaelis led the Wildcats with 11 points, including a 3-pointer. Bryson Watson and Kole Johnsen each scored 9 points, with Johnsen landing three 3-pointers. The Falcons were led by Peyton Kotter dominating the board with 19 points, including four 3-pointers, but his performance couldn’t secure a Falcons’ victory. The Wildcats managed to edge past the Falcons thanks to a solid start in the first quarter.

Box Elder 73, Viewmont 60

Defeating the Viewmont Vikings (1-11) with a final score of 73-60, the Box Elder Bees (4-8) emerged victorious from their game. The Bees’ Max Isaacson and Trevor Wilkinson mostly stung the Vikings, contributing 25 and 22 points respectively, with Wilkinson sinking five 3-pointers. Elijah Kersey came in close with 20 points. For the Vikings, Drez Jensen led the team with 15 points, making two 3-pointers. Despite the strong individual performances, it was the Bees’ powerful fourth quarter that cemented their victory.

Region 9

Desert Hills 70, Hurricane 52

Victorious in their game against the Hurricane Tigers (5-9) were the Desert Hills Thunder (9-5), who clenched a victory of 70-52. A tie in scoring was recorded by Jackson Holman and Eli Allred, each contributing a noteworthy 19 points for the Thunder. Holman managed to land five 3-pointers, while Allred added three 3-pointers along with 5 assists and 3 blocks. For the Tigers, RJ Hurst topped the scoring chart with 15 points, which included five from behind the arc. However, the Tigers were unable to match the Thunder’s energetic performance in the final quarter which sealed their defeat.

Pine View 61, Snow Canyon 58

Pulling off a close victory, the Pine View Panthers (10-3) triumphed over the Snow Canyon Warriors (7-5) with a final score of 61-58. Nash Schroeder played an outstanding game for the Panthers with a staggering 29 points, and Griffen Shepherd added another 20 points, including three 3-pointers. Owen Mackay was the leading scorer for the Warriors, recording 20 points. Despite this effort, the Warriors fell short, with the Panthers maintaining their edge throughout the game.

Crimson Cliffs 76, Cedar City 51

The Crimson Cliffs Mustangs (6-7) triumphed over the Cedar City Reds (3-11) with a substantial score difference of 76-51. Sean Felts led the charge for the Mustangs, registering a remarkable 26 points. Travis Murdock and Drake Carroll also put up strong performances with 16 and 11 points respectively. For the Reds, Easton Albrecht was the top scorer with 15 points, including three 3-pointers. Despite their efforts, the Reds couldn’t hold back the Mustangs who extended their lead with a dominant performance in the third and fourth quarters.

Region 12

Manti 65, Carbon 38

Overcoming the Carbon Dinos (5-8) with a sound 65-38 victory were the Manti Templars (11-4). For the triumphant Templars, Carter Mason recorded 14 points, including two 3-pointers, and Reggie Frischknecht added another 12 points. The Dinos’ Rydge Butler was the top scorer for his side with 11 points. However, the game was tipped in Manti’s favor in the third quarter, where they rallied to outscore the Dinos 21-6.

Canyon View 78, Emery 61

The Canyon View Falcons (9-4) soared to a firm 78-61 victory over the Emery Spartans (10-4). Felps Sanders stood out for the Falcons, scoring a robust 24 points and making three 3-pointers, while Jace Farrow chipped in with 21 points, including five from behind the arc. The Spartans responded with an impressive 26 points by Luke Justice, but it was not enough to tame the rampant Falcons, who took a decisive lead with a 25-22 third quarter.

Richfield 71, North Sanpete 47

The Richfield Wildcats (8-5) seized a commanding win against the North Sanpete Hawks (6-7), closing the game with a score of 71-47. Malik Fautin stood out among the Wildcats, scoring 15 points and sinking three 3-pointers. Cole Cook and Dimick Huntington did their best to keep the Hawks in the game, scoring 19 and 15 points respectively. The Wildcats secured their superiority early on, tearing through the Hawks’ defenses with a crushing 25-7 run in the third quarter.

Juab 46, Delta 43

The Juab Wasps (9-4) emerged as victors in a close game with the Delta Rabbits (4-9), finishing with a score of 46-43. For the Wasps, Braxton Hooper and Jay Rowley put on strong performances, scoring 12 and 11 points respectively, with Rowley landing one 3-pointer. The Rabbits were notably led by Cai Henderson, who racked up an impressive 23 points, including four 3-pointers. However, despite Henderson’s outstanding performance, the Rabbits could not manage to secure a victory against the Wasps.

Region 13

South Summit 69, Ben Lomond 55

In an assertive game, the South Summit Wildcats (12-0) outperformed the Ben Lomond Scots (5-8) with a final score of 69-55. Leading the Wildcats, Logan Woolstenhulme put on an impressive performance with 24 points, while Gage Mckee also contributed significantly with 20 points. For the Scots, Jonathan Alcaraz led with 14 points and 2 three-pointers alongside his 4 rebounds and 3 blocks, while Malakai Mack, Deshawn Holland, and Jake East each added 11 points to their team’s total. Despite these efforts, the Scots were unable to break the Wildcats’ unbeaten streak.

Ogden 74, Morgan 65

In a closely contested encounter, the Ogden Tigers (10-3) trumped the Morgan Trojans (5-8) with a 74-65 victory. Stockton Marriott topped the scoring chart for the Tigers with 22 points, including a 3-pointer. On the Trojans’ side, Kolton Asay dominated with an impressive scoreline of 27 points, which included seven 3-pointers. Regardless of this strong performance, Morgan couldn’t overcome the Tigers’ onslaught, marked by their 20-point success in both the second and third quarters.

Region 15

Gunnison Valley 54, North Sevier 47

Sealing a victory over the rival North Sevier Wolves (3-9), the Gunnison Valley Bulldogs (8-6) emerged victorious with a 54-47 scoreline. Landry Edwards put in an impressive performance for the Bulldogs with 16 points, including one 3-pointer. Greyson Bennett, on the Wolves’ side, led his team with 17 points, but it couldn’t prevent the Bulldogs’ win, who cemented their lead in the second quarter with a six-point advantage.

Region 17

Rowland Hall 48, Maeser Prep 38

Claiming victory against the Maeser Prep Lions (7-6), the Rowland Hall Winged Lions (3-9) finished the game with a score of 48-38 in their favor. The Winged Lions’ success was underpinned by Ian Mellor and Yeshi Tsering, who tallied 14 and 12 points respectively. Riley George led the charge on the Lions’ side with 16 points, including four 3-pointers, but was unable to prevent the Winged Lions’ victory secured by their strong third-quarter performance.

Waterford 67, Draper APA 45

Succeeding in a game against the Draper APA Eagles (2-9), the Waterford Ravens (3-6) walk away with a solid 67-45 victory. Julian Cheffings paved the way for the Ravens, providing 14 points, three of which were three-pointers. Preston Jenkins came in next with 10 points. Ian Campbell was the highest scorer for the Eagles with 14 points, sinking four 3-pointers, but unfortunately, the Eagles could not compete with the Ravens’ powerful third quarter performance.

Summit Academy 56, American Leadership 43

In a commanding display of skill, the Summit Academy Bears (8-10) overcame the American Leadership Eagles (5-9) with a convincing score of 56-43. Stewart Woodward of the Bears was the standout player of the game, scoring 19 points, including six 3-pointers. He was closely followed by Colbyn Draper who contributed 11 points to the victory. For the Eagles, Kannon Huntsman did his best to keep his team in the game by scoring 20 points, but it was not enough to ward off the Bears who ended up taking home the win.

Region 18

Water Canyon 55, Millard 51

Pulling out a victory at Millard’s home court, the Water Canyon Wildcats (3-4) narrowly topped the Millard Eagles (0-15) with a final score of 55-51. Aaron Barlow of the Wildcats led the game in scoring with 17 points, including three 3’s. David Barlow and Dynonte Blackmore added substantial contributions to the Wildcats’ win with 13 and 10 points respectively. On the Eagles’ side, Derk Memmott led the squad with 12 points, while Treyden Terry and Noah Rowell reached double figures as well. Despite a competitive game, the Eagles fell short, extending their losing streak.

Kanab 64, Enterprise 59

In a high-octane encounter, the Kanab Cowboys (10-4) secured a victory over the Enterprise Wolves (10-5), 64-59. Kale Glover led the winning team with 15 points, including three 3-pointers, while Kyle Brown contributed with 14 points and two 3-pointers. For the Wolves, Treyson Whitman and Treyson Randall tallied 15 and 14 points respectively. The Cowboys launched their decisive attack in the third quarter, outscoring their opponents 25-12.

Beaver 61, Parowan 54

In a closely contested encounter, the Beaver Beavers (7-5) maneuvered a victory over the Parowan Rams (3-11) with a final score of 61-54. Baylor Blackburn of the Beavers marked the game with a total of 21 points, including one 3-pointer. On the Rams’ side, Hunter Bettridge recorded a commendable 22 points, whereas Will Eisenach contributed 17 points, nailing four 3-pointers.


Milford 89, Merit Academy 52

In an overwhelmingly dominant performance, the Milford Tigers (9-4) triumphed over the Merit Academy Knights (2-10) by a wide margin of 89-52. The Tigers’ Sadler Barnes had an absolutely stellar performance, scoring an incredible 50 points that included 10 3-pointers. Kilo Tsosie contributed a solid 16 points, including two 3-pointers, to the victory. For the Knights, Ayden Martinez provided an impressive score of 21 points, including seven 3-pointers. Allan Mendonca also added 14 points to the Knights’ score. Despite the Knights’ efforts, the Tigers’ momentous displaying of scoring skill resulted in their clear victory.

Mount Vernon 64, USDB 47

The Mount Vernon Patriots (3-8) secured a convincing victory over the USDB Eagles (0-2) with a final score of 64-47. Andrew McMurdie was a top performer for the Patriots, scoring 18 points and securing 8 rebounds, along with a block and a steal. Keishiro Kajimura was another notable Patriot on the court, contributing 14 points including four 3-pointers. Despite the Eagles’ increased scoring in the fourth quarter, the Patriots maintained their lead, largely due to their impressive performance in the first and third quarters.

South Sevier 78, San Juan 61

In a spirited match, the South Sevier Rams (10-5) outperformed the San Juan Broncos (6-9) with a final score of 78-61. Brace Brindley stood out for the Rams with a strong performance of 20 points that included four 3-pointers. He was ably assisted by Jaggar Redd, Peyton Ingram, and Slayde Summerhayes, who contributed 12, 11 and 10 points respectively. On the opposing team, RJ Dalley shone with 20 points, including six 3-pointers, but his effort wasn’t enough to overcome the stellar Rams’ performance.

Girls Basketball

Region 5

Roy 47, Bonneville 35

Roy Royals (5-7) secured a convincing 47-35 victory over Bonneville Lakers (4-7). Nicole Williams of the Royals was the standout player, scoring 21 points including four 3-pointers and making 13 rebounds and one assist. Jerzee Hart also contributed with 8 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks. On the Lakers’ side, Sidnee Geerdes was the top scorer with 16 points, while Baylee Andreasen contributed 8 points, including two 3-pointers.

Viewmont 68, Box Elder 64

Viewmont Vikings (7-5) edged out Box Elder Bees (8-4) in a competitive game, finishing with a 68-64 score. The Vikings’ Kristina Gunnell led the scoring with 14 points, and made important contributions to the game with 3 rebounds, 1 assist, and 4 blocks. Mary Carr added 17 points, along with 9 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals. On Bees’ side, Kaydence Barber was the leading scorer with 21 points, including two 3-pointers. Ashlyn Wight also contributed notable performance with 15 points and three 3-pointers.

Bountiful 59, Northridge 28

Bountiful Redhawks (9-3) claimed a substantial victory over Northridge Knights (6-6) with a score of 59-28. The Redhawks’ Milika Satuala and Taylor Harvey were primary contributors, delivering 14 points each, with Harvey also netting a 3-pointer. Maleah Nelson and Mae Johnson added 11 points each to the Redhawks’ tally with Nelson hitting three 3-pointers. For the Knights, Mae Stevenson was the top scorer with 10 points, while Kaylee Hess added 9 points, including one 3-pointer.

Clearfield 37, Woods Cross 36

Clearfield Falcons (10-1) narrowly won against Woods Cross Wildcats (6-6) in a tight game that ended 37-36. Xiyah Yarbrough led the Falcons with 15 points, including two 3-pointers, 6 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 block. Izzy Wyaskett added 11 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, and an impressive 10 blocks. For the Wildcats, Adia Cook was the top scorer with 10 points, including one 3-pointer, while Katie King contributed 9 points.

Region 10

Cottonwood 56, Tooele 34

The Cottonwood Colts (8-6) achieved a substantial victory over the Tooele Buffaloes (5-6) with a score of 56-34. For the Colts, Avea Van der Beek was the top scorer with 13 points, including one 3-pointer, followed by Carley Caton with 12 points. Ashlyn Tripp also added 9 points with three 3-pointers. On the Buffaloes’ side, Kennedy Searle was the leading scorer, contributing 16 points to the team’s effort, including a 3-pointer. Josie Kennedy followed with 9 points, including a 3-pointer.

Murray 59, Stansbury 37

Murray Spartans (6-6) triumphed over Stansbury Stallions (1-10) with a convincing final score of 59-37. The Spartans’ Mia AuClaire was particularly impressive, scoring 16 points, which included four 3-pointers. Bonnie Henricksen also added 12 points to the Spartans’ tally. For the Stallions, Brooke Jensen led the scorecard with 14 points, closely followed by BrynLeigh Jones with 10 points.

Region 20

Piute 55, Milford 49

Piute Thunderbirds (10-4) managed a victory over Milford Tigers (7-6), with a final score of 55-49. Kaycee Gleave led the Thunderbirds with an impressive 24 points, including two 3-pointers. She was well-supported by Amy Morgan, who added 14 points, including two 3-pointers, to the tally. On the Tigers’ side, Tayleah Spaulding was the top scorer with 16 points, followed by Jaidyn McMullin with 11 points.

Bryce Valley 57, Escalante 30

Bryce Valley Mustangs (6-5) clinched a victory over Escalante Moquis (3-9), with the final score standing at 57-30. Cashae Tebbs of the Mustangs led the team in scoring with 13 points, including one 3-pointer. Alexandra Rauba and Kinlee Brinkerhoff also had significant contributions with 10 and 9 points respectively. For the Moquis, Mazee Dunton emerged as the top performer with an impressive 17 points, including a 3-pointer, while Raylin Roberts added another 5 points to the team’s total.

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