High school boys/girls basketball: Thursday night roundup

Boys Basketball

Region 10

Murray 69, Tooele 48

In a hard-fought contest, Murray bested Tooele. 69-48. Quinton Christman made his presence felt for Murray by scoring 29 points, aided by four 3-pointers. Treyce Wilson also added 12 points to Murray’s final tally. Meanwhile, Ethan Rogers led Tooele with 24 points.

Cottonwood 68, Hillcrest 51

Cottonwood seized a 68-51 victory over Hillcrest, displaying a strong performance in the second quarter and bouncing back in the fourth after Hillcrest’s robust third quarter rally. The win was highlighted by the performances of Peter Oguama and Ryan Nielson who recorded 16 and 14 points respectively. For Hillcrest, Rhett Robinson led the scoring with 16 points, assisted by four 3-pointers.

Region 20

Panguitch 68, Wayne 38

Panguitch secured a commanding 68-38 victory against Wayne, pulling ahead early with a first half surge that left Wayne trailing 35-14. For Panguitch, Cache Eyre stood out with 19 points, including four 3-pointers, while Justin Osburn added another 14 points, two 3-pointers to the tally. Despite the loss, Tee Spencer offered a significant contribution for Wayne, posting nine points.

Region 22

Wendover 80, Altamont 53

Wendover outmatched Altamont in a high-scoring game, ending with a 80-53 victory. Wendover’s Raul Valle emerged as a standout player, racking up a total of 26 points with four 3-pointers. For Altamont, despite the loss, Grayson Panas’ efforts should not be overlooked as he scored a total of 21 points for his team.


Piute 86, Mount Vernon 45

Piute coasted to a decisive 86-45 win over Mount Vernon, setting an early tone with a 29-13 lead in the first quarter — a gap that Mount Vernon couldn’t close. Piute’s Jaxon Westwood notched 20 points, two 3-pointers in his haul while Kole Westwood chalked up 15 points, including three 3-pointers. On the disappointing side, Mount Vernon’s Hansen Chen fought hard, scoring 21 points.

Valley 61, Milford 55

In a competitive clash, Valley edged out Milford 61-55, with significant contributions from Warren Spencer and Johnny Cox who put up 18 and 17 points, respectively. Despite the loss, Milford’s Sadler Barnes excelled, delivering 25 points for his side, including seven 3-pointers.

Girls Basketball

Region 2

Mountain Ridge 54, Herriman 41

The Mountain Ridge Sentinels (11-3) secured a victory against the Herriman Mustangs (6-5) with a scoreline of 54-41. Kya Newton led the scoring for the Sentinels with 15 points, which included two 3-pointers, followed by Kaylee Montgomery with 12 points and three 3-pointers. Jessica Maynard and Cailin Kehl also had strong performances, each scoring 8 points. On the Mustangs side, Halli Burbidge played a significant role with 11 points, including one 3-pointer. Other contributors to the Mustangs’ scoreboard include Maddi Little and Brittea Byrqe, who both scored 6 points and each made two 3-pointers.

Corner Canyon 75, Riverton 48

The Corner Canyon Chargers (10-4) dominated the game against the Riverton Silverwolves (3-10) and emerged victorious with a score of 75-48. The Chargers were led by Elina Mortensen, who had an outstanding game, scoring 33 points with four 3-pointers. She was followed by Maia Rhay who added 24 points to the Chargers’ total. Despite the loss, the Silverwolves had a notable performance from Faythe Stauffer, who scored a total of 24 points.

Copper Hills 52, Bingham 33

Continuing their undefeated streak, the Copper Hills Grizzlies (13-0) bested the Bingham Miners (8-5) with a final score of 52-33. Skylie Barker stood out for the Grizzlies, scoring 22 points including four 3-pointers, while Ellie Taylor added 14 points to the board. For the Miners, Brianna Badonie led the scoring with 9 points, closely followed by Mak Horsley and Addy Horsley, both of whom tallied 8 points each.

Region 9

Snow Canyon 52, Cedar City 46

The Snow Canyon Warriors (11-1) clinched a close victory over the Cedar City Reds (11-2) with a final score of 52-46. The Warriors were led by Olivia Hamlin, who scored a remarkable 20 points, including four 3-pointers. Other major contributors to the Warriors’ victory were Joey Jensen with 13 points and one 3-pointer, and both Kelly Howard and Kyza Andrews who scored 7 points each. On the Cedar City Reds’ side, Annalyse Shimada topscored with 19 points, with Gabby Gomez also contributing significantly with 14 points, including four 3-pointers. Despite their commendable performance, the Reds fell just short in this close and competitive game.

Dixie 54, Pine View 46

The Dixie Flyers (8-6) secured a victory against the Pine View Panthers (2-12) with a final score of 54-46. Kealah Faumuina led the Flyers with an impressive 20 points, followed by Jaycee Bundy, who added 13 points to the team’s score, including three 3-pointers. For the Panthers, Reese Gustin led the scoring with 15 points, including one 3-pointer. Casey Morley contributed 9 points, which included one 3-pointer, while Isabel Jensen added 8 points to the team’s total, also including one 3-pointer.

Desert Hills 54, Crimson Cliffs 32

The Desert Hills Thunder (4-7) triumphed over the Crimson Cliffs Mustangs (4-9) with an end score of 54-32. Ashtin Hansen and Jenna Brown were the top contributors to the Thunder’s victory, both scoring 14 points, joined by Tess Peterson who added 10 points with two 3-pointers. For the Mustangs, Kinsey Plewe emerged as the lead scorer with 10 points.

Region 11

Ridgeline 77, Green Canyon 38

The Ridgeline Riverhawks (13-2) thumped the Green Canyon Wolves (9-5) with an emphatic scoreline of 77-38. Emilee Skinner was the standout player for the Riverhawks, leading the game with 25 points, including three 3-pointers. She was followed closely by Elise Livingston who provided a solid performance with 19 points, adding an additional three 3-pointers. The Wolves’ top scorer was Janalynn Blotter with 10 points, followed by Marissa Best with 9 points.

Sky View 47, Bear River 25

The Sky View Bobcats (8-5) convincingly triumphed over the Bear River Bears (5-9) with a scoreline of 47-25. Kenzie Flaherty played an important role in the Bobcats’ victory, leading the team scoring 11 points. Claire Fischer and Karlee Allen followed closely with 9 and 8 points respectively, with each contributing a 3-pointer. On the Bears’ side, Shelby Wilkinson led the scoring with 9 points, which included one 3-pointer, while Angelie Delgado added 6 points to the team’s total, including one 3-pointer. A strong first half for Sky View, in which they led 22-8, led to its eighth victory of the season.

Region 12

Manti 59, North Sanpete 49

The Manti Templars (6-8) triumphed over the North Sanpete Hawks (6-9) with a comfortable 10-point lead, winning 59-49. June Olsen was the standout player for the Templars with 17 points including a 3-pointer, closely followed by Cadee Alder, who scored 15 points with two 3-pointers. Jessica Applegarth led the charge for the Hawks, scoring 18 points, including a 3-point shot. She was followed by Evey Kendall who added 11 points.

Richfield 48, Juab 42

The Richfield Wildcats (10-4) secured a victory over the Juab Wasps (9-5) with a close final score of 48-42. Kamryn Knutson led the Wildcats, recording 15 points and four 3-pointers. Abbee Albrecht and Abby Evensen also contributed significantly with 11 and 10 points respectively. For the Wasps, Addison Hyatt led the scoring with 13 points, which included two 3-pointers, while Ava Cuff contributed 10 additional points to the team’s overall score. A very strong fourth quarter for Juab proved to be the difference in this comeback victory.

Canyon View 54, Delta 46

The Canyon View Falcons (8-7) secured a win over the Delta Rabbits (5-10), with a final score of 54-46. The Falcons were led by Maylee Spencer with 13 points, Emery Miles scoring 12 points, and Maya Nichols chipping in 11, which included a 3-pointer. The Rabbits’ efforts were led by Ebony Dodoo and Joslyn Christiansen who tallied 14 and 13 points respectively.

Carbon 68, Emery 63

The Carbon Dinos (10-4) held on to defeat the Emery Spartans (8-5) in a close game that ended 68-63. Amiah Timothy led the Dinos’ scoring with 23 points, including three 3-pointers and 5 assists. She also contributed significantly on the defensive end with 8 rebounds and 1 block. Additionally, Jacie Jensen added 16 points, and Madi Orth contributed 12 points to the team’s total. For the Spartans, Kenadie Maughan played an outstanding game, scoring 21 points and grabbing 6 rebounds. Katelyn Nielson also had a strong performance with 16 points and 8 rebounds. An early lead for Carbon proved to be the difference for the victory.

Region 13

Union 47, Ben Lomond 36

The Union Cougars (2-12) clinched a win over the Ben Lomond Scots (6-7), ending the game at 47-36. The Cougars’ victory was led by Kayla Miller with 16 points and Brylie Day adding 10 points to their score sheet. On the Scots’ side, Jazzy Tinajero stood out with her 14-point game, along with Aniyah Gomez and Anahi Flores Gomez, both tallying 6 points each.

Grantsville 71, Morgan 58

The Grantsville Cowboys (12-2) defeated the Morgan Trojans (3-11) with a score of 71-58. The Cowboys were led by Baylee Lowder who scored 22 points, including four 3-pointers. Following her were Avery Allred with 16 points and Kodee Williams with 14 points, including two 3-pointers. On the side of the Trojans, Lillian Tatton and Eva Birkeland were the joint top scorers with 12 points each, with Birkeland hitting four 3-pointers. Leah Birkeland also contributed significantly with 11 points.

South Summit 42, Ogden 34

The South Summit Wildcats (11-4) secured a win over the Ogden Tigers (4-11), with a final score of 42-34. Emma Broadbent and Mariah Bowen were the key contributors to the Wildcats’ victory, scoring 21 points and 14 points respectively. Bowen also contributed one 3-pointer to the team’s total. For the Tigers, Salote Tonga emerged as the lead scorer with 10 points including two 3-pointers, followed by Ruth Larsen who added 7 points to the board.

Region 14

Layton Christian 59, Providence Hall 17

The Layton Christian Eagles (8-8) recorded a commanding victory over the Providence Hall Patriots (8-7), ending the game with a scoreline of 59-17. Jessica McKain was the standout player for the Eagles, scoring 15 points including one 3-pointer. Ava Smith also had a significant impact on the game, scoring 14 points, and Duru Su El added 10 more, including one 3-pointer. For the Patriots, Sarah Scott and Paige Krebs were the top scorers, each with 6 points.

Judge Memorial 68, Summit Academy 33

The Judge Memorial Bulldogs (9-7) secured a resounding victory over the Summit Academy Bears (10-6) with a final score of 68-33. Esther Analjok led the scoreboard with a commanding performance, scoring 18 points for the Bulldogs. She was supported by Elyah Ocampo and Bella Haile who both scored 11 points each. Ocampo also contributed three 3-pointers. On the Bears’ side, Avery Backus emerged as the top scorer with 11 points, including a 3-pointer. Kita Holmes and Regan Gorgeson supported with 6 points each, Holmes contributing two 3-pointers and Gorgeson one. A strong defensive effort from Judge Memorial was pivotal for this victory.

Region 17

Waterford 42, Rowland Hall 25

The Waterford Ravens (6-2) emerged victorious against the Rowland Hall Winged Lions (2-7) with a final score of 42-25. Anne Howard was the top scorer for the Ravens with 12 points, including one 3-pointer. Other significant contributors were Halee Hasebi, Lexee Hasebi, and Kenley Carter, who all scored 7 points each, with Hasebi siblings each adding one 3-pointer to their tally. For the Winged Lions, Lila Bates led the score with 8 points, including two 3-pointers, followed by Quinn Orgain who scored 7 points and picked up 5 rebounds.

American Heritage 55, Maeser Prep 32

The American Heritage Patriots (8-5) defeated the Maeser Prep Lions (3-11) with a score of 55-32. The Patriots’ victory was a group effort with Ellie Reed scoring 15 points, Maddy Swenson and Sophie Reed both contributing 11 points, and Anne Marie Gibbs rounding out with 10 points. Despite the loss for the Lions, Octavia Mosher had an impressive game, scoring a total of 25 points, including seven 3-pointers.

Region 18

Enterprise 59, Millard 39

The Enterprise Wolves (6-9) emerged victorious against the Millard Eagles (5-9) with a scoreline of 59-39. The Wolves’ top scorers were Jaycee Barlow and Liza Balajadia, both of whom contributed 14 points to their team’s total. On the Eagles’ side, Emily Stephenson was the top scorer with 15 points.

Beaver 41, South Sevier 33

In a close game, the Beaver Beavers (13-2) clinched a victory over the South Sevier Rams (12-2) with a final score of 41-33. For Beaver, leading the score charts were Alina Lurth and Gentry Brown, who both contributed 10 points apiece. On the Rams’ side, Sydnee Patterson led the scoring with 10 points, followed by Kinley Jensen with 9 points.

Kanab 86, Water Canyon 22

In a convincing victory, the Kanab Cowboys (13-2) defeated the Water Canyon Wildcats (1-8) 86-22. Rylee Little led the charge for the Cowboys with 22 points, while Ashlyn Houston and Anna Cutler contributed significantly with 17 and 16-point performances, respectively, each scoring five 3-pointers. The Cowboys gained a substantial lead in the first quarter and maintained momentum through the game, while Martha Jessop was the highest scorer for the Wildcats, scoring 12 points.

Region 20

Panguitch 52, Wayne 36

The Panguitch Bobcats (11-2) defeated the Wayne Badgers (9-5) with a final score of 52-36. In this match, Mallory Henrie was the stellar performer for the Bobcats scoring 24 points with one 3-pointer, while Tabetha Henrie chipped in with 13 points, which included three 3-pointers. The Badgers’ efforts were led by AJ Vandyke who scored 10 points, backed by Savannah Williams and Lilly Morrill, each contributing 6 points to the Badgers’ score.

Region 22

Wendover 50, Altamont 28

The Wendover Wildcats (9-3) overtook the Altamont Longhorns (1-4) with a final score of 50-28. In the Wildcats lineup, Kadence Murphy made a notable contribution, scoring 12 points with two 3-pointers while Gabriela Dellgadillo added 10 points. The Longhorns put up a fight with their leading scorer Carter putting up 8 points followed by Peck with 7 points.


Hurricane 56, Moapa Valley, Nev. 48

The Hurricane Tigers (8-6) defeated the Moapa Valley, Nev. Pirates 56-48. For the Tigers, Addison Crandall led the scoring with 19 points and made 2 blocks, while Laynee Walker scored 14 points, which included 3 3-pointers, and made 1 block. Other key contributions came from Katen Myers with 7 points, and Ana Larsen and Adalyn Johnson who both scored 5 points each. On the Pirates’ side, Wood emerged as the top scorer with 16 points including two 3-pointers, and Cox followed with 15 points, all of which came from beyond the arc.

North Sevier 65, Parowan 45

The North Sevier Wolves (7-8) clinched a victory against the Parowan Rams (1-13) with a final score of 65-45. Alyssa Rosquist led the Wolves with an impressive 23 points which included two 3-pointers, followed by Megan Mecham, who contributed 14 points to the team’s total. On the Rams side, Bella Robinson stood out with a commendable performance, scoring 25 points, including three 3-pointers. Other contributions came from Kinnin Lambert and Wylee Renzello, who scored 6 and 5 points respectively.

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