High school boys/girls basketball roundup: Thursday night roundup

Region 10

Jordan 66, Tooele 57

In a game held at Jordan, the Jordan Beetdiggers (4-8) claimed victory over the Tooele Buffalos (3-8), 66-57. Brandt Steed played a vital role in this win with 15 points, including one 3-pointer. Preston Chaney closely followed, scoring 14 points, two of which were 3-pointers. For the Buffaloes, Ethan Rogers led the scoring fray with 19 points, hitting one 3-pointer. Dillon Polson also put up a robust performance, scoring 16 points with four successful 3-point shots.

Cottonwood 65, Murray 62

Playing at home, the Cottonwood Colts (8-5) narrowly defeated the Murray Spartans (7-5), wrapping up the game with a final score of 65-62. For the Colts, Chris Cox led the scoresheet with 17 points, including two 3-pointers. John Rosevear and Peter Oguama also added significantly to the score with 16 and 14 points respectively. On the Spartans’ side, Deacon Poole was the standout player scoring 22 points, four of which were 3-pointers. Isaiah Beh with 17 points and Treyce Wilson and Quinton Christman, both with 10 points, also contributed to the team’s totals.

Region 16

APA West Valley 90, Utah Military Hillfield 24

The APA West Valley Eagles (7-5) effortlessly defeated the Utah Military Hillfield Thunderbirds (0-4), 90-24. The Eagles had an impressive game with Peter Hakim leading the team with 25 points, followed closely by Komy Ocwor who scored 18 points, four of which came from beyond the arc. Sharmaarkay Mbwera also had a substantial contribution with 16 points in the game. On the Thunderbirds’ side, Quin Ekberg was the standout performer scoring the majority of the team’s points with a total of 17.

Region 19

Green River 55, Monticello 52

The Green River Pirates (6-4) edged out the Monticello Buckaroos (2-7) with a close final score of 55-52 in Monticello. The Pirates were led by Raul Mendoza’s strong performance of 18 points, including three 3-pointers. Luis Hernandez with 14 points and Rolando Anguiano with 10 points also played key roles in securing the win. For the Buckaroos, top scorer was Curtis Bunker with 14 points, followed by Jackson Keyes providing 9 points. Traken Lee also added to the total score with 8 points.

Region 20

Valley 80, Escalante 48

At home, the Valley Buffaloes (7-3) saw a distinct victory over the Escalante Moquis (4-7), finishing with a wide gap score of 80-48. The Buffaloes were powerfully led by Jace Cox, who scored an impressive 24 points, including 4 3-pointers. Bodie Cox and Johnny Cox also contributed significantly with 18 and 17 points respectively. For the Moquis, Jaken Cottam was the highest scorer with 16 points, followed by Kendal Gardner and Korbin Young, who contributed 11 and 10 points respectively.


Layton Christian 69, Grant, Calif. 33

The Layton Christian Eagles (12-2) had a commanding win over Grant, Calif., finalizing the game with a wide margin score of 69-33 in a game played in California. The Eagles were led by Alan Gballau, who contributed an impressive 16 points. Otavio Armani and Vuk Zarubica followed with 11 and 10 points respectively, with Armani scoring one 3-pointer.

Milford 50, Maeser Prep 38

The Milford Tigers (8-4) secured a win over the Maeser Prep Lions (6-4) with a 50-38 final score. For the Tigers, Sadler Barnes topped the scoring with 16 points, including one from behind the arc. Kilo Tsosie also put up a worthy performance, contributing 12 points to the win. On the side of the Lions, Kale Garner led the scoresheet with 11 points. Jaden Garner also added notably to the overall score with 8 points.

Tabiona 69, Carbon 57

The Tabiona Tigers (9-1) continued their hot streak with a win over the Carbon Dinos (5-6) on the road, 69-57. Leading the Tigers, Logan Rhoades put up an impressive 21 points, including one 3-pointer. Easton Peterson and Chance Lazenby also brought significant contributions, scoring 17 and 15 points respectively. For the Dinos, Maddux Wilson topped the scoring charts with 13 points, followed closely by Zeke Willson and Kyler Orth, who each added 11 points to the team’s total.

Girls Basketball

Region 9

Cedar City 50, Desert Hills 32

Cedar City (10-2) secured a victorious win over Desert Hills (5-5), ending the game with a score of 50-32. Cedar City’s Gabby Gomez led the scoring with 22 points, which included three 3-pointers. Annalyse Shimada and Kiara Hansen contributed with 8 and 10 points respectively. On the opposing side, for Desert Hills, Jenna Brown scored 10 points, and Tess Peterson added 8 points.

Dixie 51, Hurricane 44

In a closely contested game, Dixie (6-6) narrowly clinched victory from Hurricane (6-5) with a final score of 51-44. Brinlee Bennett and Kealah Faumuina from Dixie were the top scorers with 14 points each, with Bennett knocking down two 3-pointers and Jaycee Bundy contributing another 11 points. On the side of Hurricane, Stout Abbigail and Walker Laynee each scored 11 points, with Abbigail landing three 3-pointers.

Snow Canyon 58, Crimson Cliffs 39

Snow Canyon (10-1) emerged victorious over Crimson Cliffs (4-8) with a final score of 58-39. On the Snow Canyon side, Olivia Hamlin led the charge with 19 points, matched closely by Kelly Howard’s 18 points which included four 3-pointers. For Crimson Cliffs, Kinsey Plewe who scored 16 points dominated the team’s efforts and knocking down four 3-pointers.

Region 10

Park City 39, Hillcrest 19

Park City dominated Hillcrest with a final score of 39-19. For Hillcrest, Emily Mandel led the team with 6 points. 5 points were brought in by Asinate Mafuahingano, including a 3-pointer. On Park City’s side, Liada Liles and Kalynn Nickell were the high scorers with 7 points each.

Region 12

North Sanpete 55, Delta 37

North Sanpete was able to surpass Delta with a final score of 55-37. Delta’s top scorer was Caitlin Allred contributing 13 points, including three 3-pointers. Other key contributors were Raygan Callister with 6 points and 1 rebound. For North Sanpete, Evey Kendall led with 11 points, including a single 3-pointer, and also added 6 rebounds and 3 steals.

Emery 67, Manti 39

Playing at home, the Emery Spartans (7-5) claimed victory against the Manti Templars (5-7), with a significant end score of 67-39. Aliya Lester led the scoring for the Spartans with a total of 17 points, which included five 3-pointers. Following Lester, Saige Curtis, Karleigh Stilson and Katelyn Nielsen also made notable contributions with 12, 11 and 10 points respectively. On the Templars’ side, June Olsen offered a spirited performance scoring 19 points, but it was not enough to overcome the Spartans. Cadee Alder also chipped in with 8 points.

Carbon 62, Richfield 37

Carbon managed to pull ahead of Richfield, with an impressive final score of 62-37. For Carbon, Madi Orth was the leading scorer with 19 points, accompanied by a 3-pointer, a rebound, and 5 assists. On Richfield’s side, Kamryn Knutson led the scoring with 11 points, which included a 3-pointer.

Canyon View 49, Juab 45

Juab (8-5) edged out Canyon View (7-6) with a score of 45-49. For Juab, Ava Cuff led with 15 points, hitting one 3-pointer, supported by Lucy Richards and Emmy Lovell scoring 10 and 8 points respectively. On the Canyon View side, Maylee Spencer led the team with 12 points, followed by Brooklyn Davie’s 11 points, and Hadlee Farrow’s 8 points that included a 3-pointer.

Region 15

North Summit 70, Duchesne 40

North Summit (11-1) trumped Duchesne (9-3) with a comprehensive 70-40 victory. Hayzlyn Murdock and Hartlynn Richins stood out for North Summit, scoring 14 and 15 points respectively. Charly Sargent added 8 points, including a 3-pointer. For Duchesne, Chezney Farnsworth’s 15 points led the team, followed by a notable 12 points that included two 3-pointers from Kira Grant.

Region 17

St. Joseph 40, Maeser Prep 17

St. Joseph (2-6) handily defeated Maeser Prep (2-11) with a final score of 40-17. For St. Joseph, standout Katelyn Martinez led the way with 20 points, sinking three 3-pointers, while Lizzie Randal added 8 more points. In the loss, Patricia Keeley steered Maeser Prep’s effort with 8 points, including two 3-pointers.

Region 18

South Sevier 72, Millard 30

South Sevier (11-1) delivered a commanding performance against Millard (4-9), winning the game with a score of 72-30. For South Sevier, Kinley Jensen led the team with 21 points. She was closely followed by Sydnee Patterson who contributed with 15 points and hit a 3-pointer. On Millard’s team, both Caislee Lunt and Kyra Moat made significant contributions with 9 points each.

Beaver 84, Water Canyon 17

Beaver (10-2) dominated Water Canyon (2-7), cruising to a triumphant 84-17 victory. High scorer Danzee Bradshaw recorded 22 points including four 3-pointers for Beaver, followed by Gentry Brown’s 15 points and Alina Lurth’s 12 points, which included a 3-pointer. Despite the outcome, Martha Jessop of Water Canyon still managed to score 13 points.

Kanab 62, Parowan 26

Kanab (12-1) easily handled Parowan (1-11) with a score of 62-26. Kanab was led by Ashlyn Houston’s 14 points, which included four 3-pointers, followed by Rylee Little who put up 12 points. On Parowan’s side, Bella Robinson gave a fighting effort, scoring 20 points.

Region 20

Wayne 59, Valley 51

Wayne maintained the lead to come out victorious against Valley, with a final score of 59-51. For Valley, Kimber Reeve was the leading scorer with 16 points. Rachel Cox contributed with 13 points and Teagan Roundy with 9 points. On Wayne’s side, AJ Vandyke led in scoring with 11 points and contributed to the rebounds with 10 and assists with 4.

Piute 44, Escalante 28

Piute (9-3) steadily outplayed Escalante (3-8), ending with a 44-28 win. Kaycee Gleave led Piute with an exceptional 20 points, sinking two 3-pointers, while Ainsley Talbot contributed 10 points. For Escalante, standout Sonata Griffin scored nine points, and Raylin Roberts chipped in with 6 points, including a 3-pointer.

Panguitch 63, Milford 46

Panguitch (10-2) pulled away in the second half to secure a victory over Milford (7-5), with a final score of 63-46. For Milford, Tayleah Spaulding was the notable standout, taking charge with a high of 29 points. On Panguitch’s team, Tabetha Henrie led the scoring with 19 points, closely followed by Tayt Miller with 16 points.


Raymond, Canada 74, American Fork 48

Raymond, Canada scored a decisive victory over American Fork, 74-48, led by strong performances from Calli Condi, Sarah Mathis, and Hannah Hanson. With an impressive 20 points, five 3-pointers from Condi, and Mathis contributing 12 points, including two 3-pointers, Raymond opened up a significant lead in the first and third quarters. Furthermore, Hannah Hanson chipped in six points for American Fork.

Davis 56, Mountain Ridge 53

Davis (10-1) overcame Mountain Ridge (10-2) in a thrilling comeback, finishing strong with a score of 53-56. Kya Newton led Mountain Ridge with 21 points and three 3-pointers, helped by Kaylee Montgomery’s 10 points and two 3-pointers. Davis’ standout player T’maea Eteuati’s 21 points and four 3-pointers kept the game competitive, complemented by Kate Richards’ 13 points, including a 3-pointer.

Herriman 67, Bear River 44

Herriman (5-4) made a strong comeback to beat Bear River (4-8), with a final score of 67-44. For Herriman, Brittea Byrqe led the way with 19 points. Kyla Talbot was close behind with 14 points and two 3-pointers. Bear River’s Angelie Delgado led her team’s efforts with 16 points, including three from the 3-point line.

Grantsville 57, Judge Memorial 52

In a game of multiple lead changes, Grantsville (10-2) managed to secure a victory over Judge Memorial (8-6) with a final score of 57-52. For Grantsville, Baylee Lowder was the top scorer with a remarkable 26 points, including four made from the 3-point range. Avery Allred followed with 11 points and a 3-pointer. On Judge Memorial’s side, Elyah Ocampo led the team with 16 points, two of which were 3-pointers.

Rich 34, Kemmerer, Wyo. 31

In a tight battle, Rich edged out Kemmerer, Wyo., with a final score of 34-31. From the Rich team, Molly Weston led the scoring with 9 points, including a 3-pointer. Jainee Wallentine contributed 7 points along with a 3-pointer.

Pleasant Grove 54, Farmington 49

Pleasant Grove (10-3) came out on top against Farmington (1-9), with a final score of 54-49. On the Farmington side, Brynn Ryan took charge with 18 points, including two from 3-point range. Morgan Rogers followed with 11 points and a 3-pointer. Pleasant Grove had Sarah Newman and Amber Cook as the leading scorers with 13 points each, Newman also netted three 3-pointers.

Syracuse 56, Bingham 53

Bingham (8-5) pulled out a close win over Syracuse (8-3) with a final score of 53-56. For Bingham, Brianna Badonie led the scoring with 22 points, hitting three 3-pointers, followed by Addy Horsley who added 12 points. On the Syracuse side, Cortnie Barker had 26 points, while Avery Sanders and Olivia Sorenson each contributed 9 points.

Skyridge 48, Morgan 37

Skyridge (8-1) came from behind to secure a victory over Morgan (2-10) with a final score of 48-37. The star of the game for Skyridge was Merceius Mili who racked up 22 points, including a 3-pointer. Bella Sika and Shae Toole contributed to the team’s score with 10 and 8 points respectively. On Morgan’s side, Abby Titus stood out with 11 points, followed by both Eva Birkeland and Ashlyn Noss, each scoring 8 points.

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