High school 5A state cross-country: Springville, Mountain View boys win

With about 250 meters left in the 5A girls state cross-country race, Springville coach Samantha Smith got the attention of her fifth runner, Adri Bird, and pointed at a runner a bit in front of her and said, “That’s state.”

Now granted, Smith didn’t know exactly how many places Bird needed to make up during the long home stretch of the course at the Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City, but she knew the race for the team title was going to be extremely tight and every position mattered.

So that’s exactly what Bird did, she caught and passed a few runners during those final 250 meters, and her reward was the satisfaction of clinching Springville its fifth straight 5A state title.

“No. 5 is always the stressor, cause that person is the one that can score the most points and make or break it, and our No. 5 this year has been hurt most of the season,” said Smith. “It’s been a really rocky season for us, and so to have her come and watch her just step up (was great).”

Bird ended up finishing in 26th place, but that proved to be the difference as Springville finished with 78 team points to edge Timpanogos, which finished with 83 points.

“Each team comes with different challenges and different opportunities, and each team chooses to want it, and the nice thing is they build off of each other,” said Smith, who said this year’s team title chase was much closer than the previous four years.

While Springville needed every point to claim its team title, Mountain View boys dominated en route to their second-straight 5A title on Tuesday.

Mountain View’s top five runners all placed in the top 15 as it tallied 48 team points, plenty of cushion to beat Orem, which finished second with 104 points.

The main drama in 5A was the individual state title, which for 2 1/2 miles was very much up in the air between a pair of seniors, Orem’s Tayson Echohawk and Mountain View’s Liam Heninger. Echohawk started to pull away late, finishing with a time of 14:53.7, with Heninger crossing in 15:05.2.

“Mentally, everywhere, my brain was telling me, ‘You’re too tired, you’re done,’ but I’ve been talking to all my family and just learning from experience. I just trained my mind to beat those times and that’s what I used in the last half-mile to gain the lead and cruise it on home for the win,” said Echohawk.

A year ago it was Echohawk who faded in the final mile as he settled for a runner-up finish. On Tuesday, he blocked out the pain to finish under 15 minutes in a great performance in his final cross-country race in Utah.

The 5A boys field was stacked with outstanding talent, with Orem’s Austin Westfall, Olympus’ JoJo Jourdon, Northridge’s Will Luoma and Park City’s Chris Henry rounding out the top six.

“It was a really hard race, I knew it was going to be hard, but if you want to win you’ve got to fight, so that’s what I did,” said Echohawk.

Timpview sophomore Jane Hedengren enjoyed a similar second-to-first jump at state this year.

After running on the hip of Mountain View’s Mari Konold virtually the entire race, Hedengren made her move in the final 250 meters, and her long stride allowed her to pull away for the individual state title and finishing runner-up a year ago.

She finished with a time of 17:25.4, the best time of the entire day in all six classifications, while Konold crossed in second place with a time of 17:37.6.

“My plan today was to hold and try and pull away with a half-mile left. I’ve had some trouble this season with injury, so I was just trying to give it my best shot today and pull away with the win,” said Hedengren.

Orem’s Lydia Beus, Lehi’s Graysen Lanenga and Springville’s Sarah Galbraith rounded out the top five.

Galbraith’s performance was critical in Springville’s chase for five.

“Sarah Galbraith ran out of her mind, she did amazing. She finished fifth overall, and she normally has been running side by side with her sister Savannah,” said Smith.

She challenged her senior to step out of her comfort zone and chase with the lead pack, and that proved to be valuable as she placed in the top five.

Class 5A State Championships

At Regional Athletic Complex

Girls team scores

Springville, 78Timpanogos, 83Mountain View, 126Orem, 129Lehi, 144Timpview, 178Park City, 217Maple Mountain, 251

Girls Individual results

Jane Hedengren, Timpview, 17:25.4Mari Konold, Mountain View, 17:37.6Lydia Beus, Orem, 18:22.3Graysen Lanenga, Lehi, 18:38.8Sarah Galbraith, Springville, 18:39.6Sienna Barton, Bonneville, 18:43.3Daphne Batmale, Timpview, 18:44.8Lia Belle Selander, Brighton, 18:45.3Molly Walton, Timpanogos, 18:47.5Katie Hansen, Woods Cross, 18:51.4Raygan Peterson, Timpanogos, 18:54.9Lydia Templeman, Springville, 18:55.5Kate Giles, Wasatch, 18:56.3Lana Hansen, Timpanogos, 18:58.0Savannah Galbraith, Springville, 18:58.3Caroline Moon, Lehi, 18:59.1Ava Trimble, Orem, 19:00.0Ellie Esplin, Timpview, 19:01.5Aldana Navarrete- Lamas, Timpanogos, 19:06.5Emily Sumsion, Springville, 19:18.3Sophie Waite, Mountain View, 19:18.7Ava Berg, Mountain View, 19:20.1Lily Waite, Mountain View, 19:23.0Kambrie Wilkinson, Salem Hills, 19:24.8Ellie Dangerfield, Stansbury, 19:25.9Adri Bird, Springville, 19:26.4Madelyn Embley, Orem, 19:33.0Brynn Rees, Viewmont, 19:33.9Sonja Preston, Park City, 19:36.5Sarah Howell, Timpanogos, 19:37.3Olivia Larsen, Maple Mountain, 19:37.7Paige Quist, Lehi, 19:38.6Camryn Lloyd, Timpanogos, 19:41.0Mesia Evans, Brighton, 19:43.9Layla Aguero, Maple Mountain, 19:44.9Naomi Egnew, Viewmont, 19:46.2Gracie Glahn, Orem, 19:48.0Madeline McHenry, Park City, 19:51.5Paige Wagner, Park City, 19:52.9Grace Callister, Skyline, 19:53.5Ashlynn Lainhart, Maple Mountain, 19:56.4Sara Sundquist, Lehi, 19:56.5Brianna Young, Springville, 19:58.0Sarah Nicholes, Skyline, 19:58.1Autumn Huntington, Payson, 19:58.7Kaylee Westfall, Orem, 19:59.1Lucy Madsen, Skyline, 19:59.3Edith Neslen, Hillcrest, 19:59.4Molly Emerson, Box Elder, 20:00.2Sofia Jourdon, Olympus, 20:01.3Alivia Marchello, Lehi, 20:01.7Tesha Krull, Wasatch, 20:02.2Kadence Gholson, Highland, 20:05.4Elisabeth Hill, Northridge, 20:06.8Miya Inouye, Olympus, 20:07.8Kaylee Hale, Park City, 20:08.9Hailey McGuire, Park City, 20:10.3Mariah George, Wasatch, 20:10.6Abby Stone, Mountain View, 20:15.9Lydia Sullivan, Bountiful, 20:17.5Lexy Cluff-Baylon, Northridge, 20:19.7Ava Coccaro, Park City, 20:20.8Renee Bentley, Northridge, 20:21.7Nicole Wayment, Bonneville, 20:22.8Tatum Kinsey, Northridge, 20:23.7Sarah Seamons, Jordan, 20:24.4Grace Gilbert, Timpanogos, 20:25.7Eden Roberts, Bountiful, 20:26.4Leah Gunderson, Maple Mountain, 20:27.8Kate Slaugh, Uintah, 20:28.3Nicole Payne, Stansbury, 20:28.8Emma Young, Brighton, 20:29.8Sophie Sullivan, Skyline, 20:32.2Camree Kenison, Lehi, 20:32.6Sarah Seeley, Spanish Fork, 20:33.0Ashlyn Turner, Viewmont, 20:33.6Oliisia Mecham, Timpview, 20:34.0Anna Ames, Hillcrest, 20:34.5Sophie Gill, Maple Mountain, 20:34.7Lilly Griffith, Northridge, 20:35.2Elizabeth Sandberg, Timpview, 20:36.1Avery Parry, Brighton, 20:36.9Reagan Mckenna, Payson, 20:44.5Lydia Olsen, Orem, 20:45.0Rebekah Medley, Tooele, 20:46.0Lillie Randall, Wasatch, 20:46.9Halle Backman, Highland, 20:47.7Jenna Anderson, Olympus, 20:47.9Addilyn Orndorff, Springville, 20:48.6Sophie Riding, Spanish Fork, 20:49.3Chelsey Morton, Alta, 20:50.3Eleanor Delaney, Olympus, 20:50.8Lindsey Hansen, Tooele, 20:54.4Marjie Richards, Bountiful, 20:54.6Hanna Cessna, East, 20:54.8Lilly Hunt, Park City, 20:55.6Ellie Black, Skyline, 20:55.9Maya Lee, Box Elder, 20:58.2Audrey Lemon, Viewmont, 20:58.5Erica Gatrell, Brighton, 21:02.0Blair Waldbillig, Brighton, 21:03.6Keira Stacey, Viewmont, 21:06.3Ryli Jonart, Skyline, 21:08.2Audrey Palmer, Bonneville, 21:09.3Erica Wallentine, Box Elder, 21:09.6Alix Crawford, Orem, 21:10.3Sarah Scott, Viewmont, 21:11.1Adora Powers, Wasatch, 21:11.3Kate Mecham, Box Elder, 21:11.7Caroline Wagner, Jordan, 21:12.1Erin Allen, Stansbury, 21:12.7Maren Johnson, Bonneville, 21:13.8Brooke Powelson, Stansbury, 21:14.5Eliza Gill, Maple Mountain, 21:15.5Lilly Stratton, Salem Hills, 21:20.5Callie Peterson, Viewmont, 21:20.6Madelyn Pearson, Mountain View, 21:21.3Sydney McClellan, Woods Cross, 21:22.1Ava Buxton, Jordan, 21:25.1Hannah Calvin, Timpview, 21:26.8Macie Lee, Box Elder, 21:27.4Audrey Edwards, Olympus, 21:31.0Emily Balls, Salem Hills, 21:31.8Abigail Krull, Wasatch, 21:31.9Hannah Prusse, Tooele, 21:33.3Annie Perkins, Highland, 21:35.5Katie Christensen, Maple Mountain, 21:36.8Rachel Dalton, Skyline, 21:37.9Sierra Ferguson, Jordan, 21:39.0Bre Watterson, Stansbury, 21:45.5Madeleine Christensen, Payson, 21:46.2Ali Hansen, Olympus, 21:47.8Samantha Stuart, Tooele, 21:49.7Leilanne Castillo-Rivera, Box Elder, 21:50.0Maren Wiberg, Woods Cross, 21:50.4Kiara DeVries, Woods Cross, 21:51.3Marie Sargent, Northridge, 21:51.7Kendell Rhees, Woods Cross, 21:52.5Kimiya Mavaddat, Hillcrest, 21:52.7Kestle Eames, Bonneville, 21:54.8Anya Salmon, Timpview, 21:55.1Kezia Holt, Bountiful, 21:56.4Lucy Allen, Wasatch, 21:58.0Liliana Guzman, Bountiful, 21:58.1Hope Edmunds, Brighton, 21:58.7Taya Sanders, Bountiful, 22:00.3Talia Rhineer, East, 22:02.6Abigail Whiting, Salem Hills, 22:03.3Lydia Sutton, Salem Hills, 22:05.1Anne Morrison, Jordan, 22:05.2Lydia Wall, Salem Hills, 22:05.4Lily Thorne, Bountiful, 22:08.7Clara Carpenter, Highland, 22:08.8Katie Koski, Alta, 22:11.4Kacie Slinkov, Lehi, 22:11.6Bella Rynearson, Northridge, 22:12.5Madilyn Harward, Highland, 22:12.6Charly Jensen, Stansbury, 22:13.3Kathryn Agren, Box Elder, 22:15.8Chelsea Mower, Salem Hills, 22:22.9Keira Sweet, Hillcrest, 22:24.7Lais Pearson, Tooele, 22:24.9Audrey Critchlow, Tooele, 22:25.1Eliza Scown, Stansbury, 22:29.5Lola Korth, Tooele, 22:42.7Dalli Horrocks, Uintah, 22:42.9Alidia Cox, Highland, 22:55.0Mylah Twitchell, Jordan, 22:59.5Brinley Harward, Highland, 23:06.8Nora Hermanson, Hillcrest, 23:29.6Emmalee Prince, Bonneville, 23:52.2Caroline Scott, Olympus, 24:09.6Madelyn Croft, Hillcrest, 24:14.2Chloe Chen, Bonneville, 24:29.4Marcie Mortensen, Woods Cross, 24:35.7Abby Hendershot, Woods Cross, 24:41.6Anna Cannegieter, Provo, 25:32.1Kaitlin Updike, Hillcrest, 27:35.6Ryann Hansen, Jordan, 28:47.8

Boys team scores

Mountain View, 48Orem, 104Park City, 106Lehi, 140Bountiful, 158Woods Cross, 179Viewmont, 215Maple Mountain, 228

Boys Individual results

Tayson Echohawk, Orem, 14:53.7Liam Heninger, Mountain View, 15:05.2Austin Westfall, Orem, 15:11.2JoJo Jourdon, Olympus, 15:15.7Will Luoma, Northridge, 15:16.0Chris Henry, Park City, 15:17.2Gabe Hooper, Viewmont, 15:19.7Parker Barnes, Mountain View, 15:20.7Andrew Jensen, Bountiful, 15:32.4Kyle Steadman, Mountain View, 15:38.1Will Shuflit, Park City, 15:38.6Sam Hansen, Woods Cross, 15:45.5Mack Waite, Mountain View, 15:47.1Brady Christensen, Woods Cross, 15:48.0Isaac Sohler, Mountain View, 15:48.1Tyler Jenson, Orem, 15:48.8Caden Barlow, Lehi, 15:50.1Caleb Woolford, Maple Mountain, 15:57.5Luke Anderson, Cedar Valley, 15:59.0Simon Barlow, Bountiful, 15:59.5Beckham Clements, Skyline, 15:59.7Paul Scown, Stansbury, 16:02.0Noah Begay, Lehi, 16:08.4Will Fleming, Park City, 16:09.7Easton Allred, Lehi, 16:10.4Calvin Crossland, Park City, 16:11.0Oliver White, East, 16:11.7Tate James, Orem, 16:12.0Clark Baker, Maple Mountain, 16:14.1Cameron Archer, Alta, 16:19.3Kyle Berkson, Olympus, 16:21.0Adam Mabey, Bountiful, 16:22.6Benson Quist, Lehi, 16:22.9Mason Sidwar, Cedar Valley, 16:24.3Carter Benson, Timpanogos, 16:25.1Gavin Weber, Timpanogos, 16:25.2Teagan McCune, Timpview, 16:26.0Ian Thompson, Woods Cross, 16:26.2Hayden Hooper, Bountiful, 16:26.3Truman Hansen, Park City, 16:26.6Colson Arbuckle, Viewmont, 16:26.9Carter Frost, Northridge, 16:29.1Max Archibald, Olympus, 16:30.9Ruel Shelley, Lehi, 16:31.9Joey Rees, Springville, 16:32.1Brock Norseth, Brighton, 16:32.8Dillon Elliott, Olympus, 16:33.8Noah Marvel, Northridge, 16:34.4Vance Langston, Brighton, 16:34.6Ben Hyde, Viewmont, 16:36.0Brennon Koldewyn, Woods Cross, 16:36.5Thomas Moore, Mountain View, 16:36.9Max Ulrich, Maple Mountain, 16:37.2Aidan Neal, Alta, 16:37.6Garrett Palmer, Tooele, 16:37.9David Anderson, Uintah, 16:38.1Jaden Gates, Stansbury, 16:40.5Weston Egnew, Viewmont, 16:41.5Jason Moore, Orem, 16:43.0Ethan McCulloch, Springville, 16:44.0Abram Sumsion, Maple Mountain, 16:44.5Connor Foutz, Bountiful, 16:46.2Nicholas Johnstone, Park City, 16:46.6Andrew Hirschmann, Timpanogos, 16:46.8Peter Gehring, Viewmont, 16:46.9Bennett Sanders, Bountiful, 16:47.5Nathan Pace, Timpview, 16:47.6Rex Green, Woods Cross, 16:47.7Sam Timmerman, Hillcrest, 16:48.0Josh Martin, Hillcrest, 16:48.2Jackson Healy, Box Elder, 16:50.4Jens Whisenant, Highland, 16:51.3Gavin Murray, Maple Mountain, 16:51.7Micah Gillespie, Woods Cross, 16:51.9Tk Munanui, Stansbury, 16:52.6Nathan Coop, Jordan, 16:53.1Jaxten Wiltbank, Lehi, 16:53.2Cruz Hazen, Brighton, 16:53.3Davis Howe, Skyline, 16:54.2Brent Beazer, Stansbury, 16:54.7Jaxon Allen, Stansbury, 16:55.0Joshua Kent, Springville, 16:55.1Jordan Jensen, Northridge, 16:55.4Tate Robertson, Maple Mountain, 16:55.6Clark Peters, Timpanogos, 16:55.8Eddie Johnson, Provo, 16:56.7Carter Summers, Brighton, 16:56.8Michael Sabin, Box Elder, 16:57.0Cooper Walbeck, Alta, 16:59.2Oliver Geddes, Stansbury, 17:01.0Lorenzo Brandt, Skyline, 17:01.1Derek Sorenson, Lehi, 17:01.3Luke Smith, Timpview, 17:02.0Kayden Horner, Wasatch, 17:02.1Noah Payne, Timpview, 17:02.7Gibson Condie, Springville, 17:03.2Jonah Fearnley, Skyline, 17:04.1Andrew Folsom, Spanish Fork, 17:05.0Bryce Arbuckle, Viewmont, 17:05.6Ethan Mendes, Alta, 17:06.1Ehren Carl, Northridge, 17:06.2Aiden Low, Springville, 17:06.3Ethan Kimmel, Payson, 17:06.8Logan Ricks, Spanish Fork, 17:08.2Jacob Ward, Highland, 17:08.9Aaron Aydelotte, Timpanogos, 17:09.4Anthony Gonzalez, Bonneville, 17:09.7Hayden Arbuckle, Viewmont, 17:10.5Samuel Clayton, Timpview, 17:10.6Ty Jacobs, Orem, 17:10.9Van Talbott, Park City, 17:11.5James Zenock Larson, Box Elder, 17:12.0Evan Haughton, Cedar Valley, 17:12.9Trevor Cummings, Bountiful, 17:13.7Jayanth Thalathoty, Skyline, 17:14.1Brenen Elliott, Olympus, 17:14.7Wyatt Cernyar, Wasatch, 17:14.9Gavin Drake, Timpview, 17:15.3Jeffrey Price, Springville, 17:16.0Ammon Larson, Mountain View, 17:17.5Tommy Carter, Springville, 17:17.9Josh Bolander, Cedar Valley, 17:18.1Turner Geddes, Orem, 17:18.9Jacob Jeffery, Jordan, 17:19.9Brycen Asay, Salem Hills, 17:20.3Adin Droubay, Box Elder, 17:20.5Revin Felshaw, Box Elder, 17:20.8Heston Gowen, Uintah, 17:22.2Talmage Howe, Brighton, 17:22.4Tyger Goldfine, Jordan, 17:23.1Aaron Eskelson, Northridge, 17:23.4Brans Christensen, Brighton, 17:26.0Billy Kinsey, Highland, 17:29.9Kade Richens, Uintah, 17:30.1Andrew Fellars, Timpview, 17:30.3Ezra Heckmann, Skyline, 17:32.2Timothy Thompson, Cottonwood, 17:34.5Carter Bell, Stansbury, 17:35.3Julian Thomas, Wasatch, 17:35.6Damien Hoch, Woods Cross, 17:38.7David Bartholomew, Salem Hills, 17:39.0Deiderik Witt, Timpanogos, 17:40.7Sam Martin, Hillcrest, 17:42.0Zeke Mitchel, Highland, 17:43.5Alex Spencer, Wasatch, 17:44.7Bryson Singleton, Box Elder, 17:45.2Dace Johnson, Uintah, 17:46.9Filip Laski, Brighton, 17:47.5Parker Lassig, Jordan, 17:48.2Slade Bowden, Uintah, 17:48.9Anders Berlin, Timpanogos, 17:50.7George Smith, Highland, 17:51.1Ephraim Cieslewicz, Wasatch, 17:51.7Thomas Toone, Payson, 17:53.5Jack Jensen, Alta, 17:53.6Seth Bell, Alta, 17:57.0Kevin Archer, Jordan, 17:58.7Simon Aina, Jordan, 17:59.4Andrew Romanovsky, Hillcrest, 18:02.7Zach Whiting, Olympus, 18:06.8Karston Keel, Uintah, 18:07.8Ian McBride, Maple Mountain, 18:10.9Spencer Brewer, Skyline, 18:12.2Ethan Grider, Jordan, 18:12.9Trevor Sperry, Olympus, 18:13.3Wesley Ellsworth, Hillcrest, 18:17.7Jacob Baird, Hillcrest, 18:19.9Jeremiah Frey, Cedar Valley, 18:23.3Samuel Rooney, Cedar Valley, 18:25.6Eli Sullivan, Wasatch, 18:26.3Max Dodds, Highland, 18:28.5Tage Sampson, Cedar Valley, 18:30.8Curtis Haymore, Alta, 18:35.9Tiberius Putnam, Box Elder, 18:37.2Carter Rimmasch, Uintah, 18:38.0Rhys Pollard, Northridge, 18:47.8Noah Benson, Highland, 18:48.7Cam Goode, Wasatch, 18:54.7Matt Keller, Hillcrest, 19:01.0

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