Foxtrot and Iota among names approved for Orange County’s new football-only leagues

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The highly-anticipated names for the new football-only leagues that will debut in Orange County next season have been released by the Orange County Football Conference.

The names, members of the committee stated, were inspired by the Greek alphabet and military terms.

“As a committee, we tried to come up with new and unique names,” El Dorado athletic director Ray Elliott said. “We felt that it would be best to use the Greek alphabet as a starting point. We then chose to change a few of the names to military terms.”

Starting next season, Orange County football will shift to leagues arranged according to power-ratings generated by Calpreps.

The leagues will be based on a weighted combination of ratings from this past season (65 percent) and 2022 (35 percent).

The leagues will shift every two years, according to the power ratings.

Some of the league names, along with their members, have been posted on social media in recent weeks.

The Orange County Football Conference does not include the Trinity League, which will remain the same.

Here is the list of the league names (a list of league members will be released in the future):

Alpha League (highest four ranked teams)

Bravo League (teams ranked 5-10)

Delta League (teams ranked 11-16)

Epsilon League (teams ranked 17-22)

Foxtrot League (teams ranked 23-28)

Iota League (teams ranked 29-34)

Kappa League (teams ranked 35-40)

Lambda League (teams ranked 41-46)

Omicron League (teams ranked 47-52)

Sigma League (teams ranked 53-58)

Tango League (teams ranked 59-64)

Zeta League (teams ranked 65-69)

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