Downingtown West hires assistant coach Tom Kline as new head coach

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Billy Splain | February 23, 2024

This year when the Whippets take the field for the annual East/West Battle, it won’t be long time head coach Mike Milano calling out the “dogs”. This year it’ll be long time assistant coach, now head coach, Tom Kline looking for his first win in the big battle as the Whippet head coach. Mike was chosen to lead the Whippets and he feels he’s ready to take the helm of a team, something he hasn’t done since he was the head coach at Springfield.

“This just seemed right to me, I had the itch to lead a team again” said Kline of his decision. I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. Mike and I, we talked about this a few years ago, me wanting to coach at the top again. I’ve been friends with Mike for over 20 years now. When I stepped down at Springfield I reached out to Mike and he took me in here”.

It’s gotta be an easy step right? Not so, but he’s ready for the challenge. “They really are big shoes to fill. Coach Milano, he’s one of my hero’s. Just seeing how he is so dedicated to the program, the players, the sport, the team and this community. I idolized for for years and now I get to do all of those things.”

As for the players, “We’ve been working out for six weeks, we’ll get together Sunday for a light workout and that’ll be the first time we’ll be together since the role change”.

Kline says it’ll be different, but he’s excited. “Your role changes. It’s no longer just 3-6. I’m interested in home life, what they do, helping them. Everything matters. They’ll notice a difference. I was a head coach, then was an assistant. Your expectations change”.


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