Downingtown West Duo made their college choices: Ryan Campbel to Richmond & Jake Kucera to Maine

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Billy Splain | July 17, 2023


Over the years the Whippets have had their share of players move on to play college football. In March Cooper Young committed to West Virginia and Ryan Howard committed to Kansas State.  The Whippets can now add two more names to that list. During the first week of July tight end Ryan Campbell committed to University of Richmond and safety Jake Kucera committed to Maine. We had a chance to ask them both about their choices and the recruiting process:

PFN: Why did you choose to commit to before your senior season?

Ryan: I chose to commit before my senior season because I wanted to focus on my upcoming senior season. We have a great team and we expect big things this season. I wanted to put all my focus into becoming a better player and helping my team.

Jake: They made me feel most at home and I wasn’t gonna wait for someone who didn’t believe in me from the beginning.

PFN: Who was your biggest influence there. , who recruited you?

Ryan: Coach Caso was a huge influence. He recruited me hard. He is a great coach and person and I am very excited to be coached by him in the future.

Jake: Coach Mcentire recruited me but I loved the entire coaching staff.

PFN: What are they getting in player like you?

Ryan: They are getting a player who will do anything to win. I will put my all into everything I do.

Jake: An extremely physical and determined guy who will work his butt of everyday and do his job.

PFN: What was the recruiting process like for you?

Ryan: The recruiting process was a fun process because of the people and places I got the opportunity to meet and go to.

Jake: I ended up with 2 offers and a lot of schools saying they wanted to wait and see for my senior year.

PFN: Do you know what you’d like to study?

Ryan: Business

Jake: Business

PFN: What role did your parents play in your decision?

Ryan: They supported me throughout the whole process and helped me stay on top of everything I do. They supported whatever decision I made and they are very happy with my decision.

Jake: They were completely supportive with whatever decision I wanted to make so long as they thought it was good for me.

PFN: What do you think is the most exciting thing about the program?

Ryan: The people who run the program are great people. I can see that they want to win and will help me become the best player and person I can be.

Jake: They play in a great conference so I would say the competition on the field and in practice.

PFN: What are you most looking forward to while playing for them?

Ryan: Winning games and being around the team.

Jake: Winning a championship.

PFN: Tell everyone out there in the football world something they’d never know about you until you told them:

Ryan: I didn’t start playing football until Middle School.

Jake: Up and coming fisherman.

PFN: Who is the person who most influenced you in your football career?

Ryan: My dad because he always had high expectations for me. He would work with me in the backyard and always thought very highly of me.

Jake: My dad

Why do you play football?

Ryan: I play because it gives me an opportunity to compete and work for something every day. I love the game and the physicality. I love being apart of a team and striving to become better as a player and person.

Jake: I grew up at the local football fields watching my dads practices and fell in love with the game. I love the competitive nature and grind that it takes to be successful because it’s something not a lot of people can do.

What would you do to improve the recruiting process?

Ryan: Definitely keep good grades and always promote yourself in a positive way.

Jake: Just have full transparency with everybody and don’t beat around the bush

PFN: What is it you’d like all your high school teammates and fans to know about your decision that you might have a hard time saying in person?

Ryan: It was a very tough decision for me, but I’m following my heart and going to Richmond.

Jake: I may have made this decision now before the season, but the only thing in my mind is winning a chestmont and district championship and making it to the final game of the season.

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