Coweta’s Alexxia Mercer, Kaycee Stiles, preparing for All-State volleyball match-up

Coweta's Alexxia Mercer, Kaycee Stiles, preparing for All-State volleyball match-up

For Coweta Head Volleyball Coach Tony Ramos, sorting the kin out turned into a typical event.

Previous Coweta High seniors and Large East All-Star Volleyball players, Alexxia Mercer and Kaycee Stiles may not be connected – however the two of them had kin in the program around a similar time. Mercer’s twin, Allyson, was a champion on the Coweta volleyball crew simultaneously. Stiles’ sister, Heather, graduated last year and was an All – State focus.

“It was testing,” Coach Ramos said with a chuckle. “Be that as it may, I wouldn’t need it some other way. At the point when you get sisters contending, they are serious. They need to out-sparkle the other one. And yet, they utilize that to help each other out.”

This was the principal season in Coach Ramos’ head-instructing residency to have two young ladies on the All-State list around the same time.

Mercer played six years for Coweta volleyball and joined varsity as a sophomore. Mentor Ramos said she was an impetus on offense, driving the group on kills in the 2021 season. Her twin, Alyson, additionally had the numbers to be “all-state status,” as indicated by Coach Ramos.

She additionally shuffled being a champion in b-ball. She was chosen as a Tulsa World All-State respectable notice in April.

Six-foot, Mercer would be quick to disclose to you it was difficult wasn’t simple preparing for two games.

“There were hard days,” Mercer said. “Summers were particularly hard on account of day camp for the two games. Simultaneously, it was loads of fun since I was rarely exhausted.”

She intends to go to The University of Oklahoma to zero in on school in the fall with her twin sister, Allyson, close by. Allyson was likewise chosen as a Tulsa World good notice for ball in April.

“It is so astonishing and pitiful on the grounds that it is my last time playing volleyball addressing Coweta and last time playing volleyball overall,” she said. “It’s actual self-contradicting.”

With respect to Stiles, she began the varsity volleyball crew significantly prior – as a green bean. In 2021, she was what Coach Ramos calls, “the group’s cautious chief” and the class 5A protective player of the year.

She’ll be proceeding with her volleyball profession at First Scott Community College, in Fort Scott, Kansas and will keep on rivaling her sister. Heather Stiles at present examinations and plays volleyball at Coffeyville Community College in Coffeyville, Kansas.

“My sister and I are dearest companions so playing each other on the court and being with her constantly—and our serious spirts were simply – we butt heads a ton however we never get really frantic at one another,” Stiles said.

Stiles said getting all-state has consistently been an objective of hers. She said she didn’t have the foggiest idea how she planned to do it, however she planned to arrive. Then, at that point when her sister, Heather, made all-state last year, it turned out to be significantly more evident – she had no way out. It needed to occur.

What’s more, she did.

Allyson Mercer couldn’t play in the 2020 All-State game(s) because of COVID – 19 dropping it, so Kaycee is playing for large sister, too.

She intends to study criminal equity and play volleyball as an afterthought. She will likely play for a very long time at Fort Scott and (ideally) get a grant to play at a college.

“This will be the principal year in some time without the Mercer twins or the Stiles sisters,” Ramos said. Attempting to proceed with that achievement will be somewhat hard, yet our young ladies buckle down. Ideally we will proceed with that achievement and play at a significant level.”

Coweta had a 23-8 record last year. Since 2017, their record has been 117-40.

The 2021 All-State volleyball match-up between the state’s Large West and Large East groups will be played at Bixby High School, July 27 at 7:45 p.m. The little school game will be played at 6:30 p.m.

Mentor Ramos was chosen to mentor the Large East group.

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