Brashear is CPR ready in case of an emergency

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Billy Splain | March 23, 2023


With the thoughts of what happened to Buffalo Bills star Damar Hamlin fresh in his mind, a chance meeting with Julie Walker from the Peyton Walker Foundation got some gears moving in Brashear head coach Drew Moore’s mind. “During the conversation with Julie it hit me. We hold summer workouts and we don’t always have trainers available” said coach Moore. “What if the coach is the one who needs to be attended to. With me being a bigger guy, I’m at higher risk. While the Hamlin situation was still fresh, knowing him since he was little, that hit home.  That whole thing just hit hard. So I decided it would be very beneficial to have some of my trainers and players certified in CPR.”

Coach Moore’s next step was an easy one. He reached out to the Brashear team trainer, Jordyn Cunningham, and asked her to help get some coaches and players trained in CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator) use. Luckily Jordyn had just completed her certification to be a trainer for such things. “I was really excited (when coach Moore reached out). I was excited to have someone else learn about CPR. Having them CPR Certified is going to be really helpful” said Jordyn.  She works for UPMC and is contracted with Brashear. “I wasn’t sure if there was age requirement as far as teaching students, so I talked with my people from UPMC and they said there is no requirement. This can help them anywhere.

As for using the AED, Jordyn says  “I feel as though the AED is the most important aspect of CPR. It does calm people down. The AED kind of tells you what to do if someone is down and needs help. I definitely was happy to do this. For the kids and coaches, it’s a satisfying feeling know that you can play a part in saving a life.”

One of the players, Stephen Carroll, thought it was a good idea. “Working out with some of the guys on the team, most times we don’t have a coach or trainer around.  We’ve had guys get sick, light headed while working out so I’m ready to sort of make a decision whether it’s just dehydration or if its something more serious.  Now that two of us are certified who work out with most of the team, it’s a good feeling to know someone will be able to help if needed”.

Stephen says the training wasn’t too difficult. “The training was pretty easy, Jordyn our trainer was easier to work with. It was easier than I thought it would be.” He said he personally “thinks it’s a necessity because of all the risks that come with football and I feel better knowing I can help someone if I need to”.

The other player trained, Eric Garcia, feels the same way. “I jumped right at the offer. It’s a good thing to know about. Eric also said the training was too difficult. “I had a little trouble with the tilting the head and putting the mask on, that was confusing at first but I got the hang of it quickly”. Eric said he felt happy after he completed the training. “It makes me feel good knowing that if someone’s in trouble I can help. I’m a diabetic and it makes me feel safe that there’s someone that can be there immediately. Coach told us about Peyton Walker, it made me feel sad but it’s great what Julie Walker is doing with that foundation to bring awareness to heart issues.” Both players said they recommend everyone get trained. “It’s really not that difficult at all and doesn’t take long” said Garcia.

“I’m glad to hear they completed the training”said Julie Walker.  “Coach Moore reached out and said he was going to get his staff and his students trained. It’s not just the coaches that need trained. If kids are practicing alone they can be ready to jump in and help save a life if needed. These are skills will last a lifetime”. Julie says getting certified is not the end all. “True certification last two years. After that they like you to get recertified. If you don’t then at least get a refresher. Things change. That’s important to know the guidelines. Anything you do to learn to help someone, even if you just watch videos online or have someone show you, can help. But by all means, athletic departments should try to have as many people as possible get certified in CPR and AED use.”

In all, five members of the team were trained. Two coaches, Joe Hayes and Drew Moore and two students, Eric Garcia and Stephen Carroll were trained. “That gives us six with this training” said coach Moore. “Kier Johnson, our line coach, and Time Witenske, were already certified”.

— Coach Moore (@_Drew_55) March 23, 2023

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