Bay Area News Group high school football predictions: Week 11, 2023

Our all-in-fun Bay Area News Group high school football picks competition rolls along.

In the 11th and final week of the regular season, we pick 16 more games or, as we chat about in our video roundtable, jinx/motivate 16 more teams.

Mike Lefkow, who raised eyebrows last week when he stated that Serra’s 2023 team might be the Bay Area’s best of all time, did not walk back his thoughts even though the Padres didn’t rout Valley Christian on Friday.

Serra won 24-13.

“I don’t regret what I said at all,” Lefkow said. “In fact, I still think that way. People were talking about the problems that Serra had last week in beating Valley Christian. I think that was a good victory for Serra. I’m sorry. Maybe I’m a little different. OK, so they didn’t go out and win by 40 points.

“But when it was 14-13 in the third quarter, they scored the last 10 points in the game. They had a two-score victory. They had a good victory against a good team, a good program. They played that game at Valley Christian. And as you’ve pointed out, the last four times that Serra has played there, they won by no more than 11 points in any of those games.”

Lefkow and Joseph Dycus went 10-6 last week. I went 9-7. My lead in the season standings is seven over Lefkow and 18 over Dycus.

The games we pick this week include Campolindo at Acalanes, Live Oak at Christopher, Antioch at Pittsburg, Leigh at Westmont and Monte Vista at San Ramon Valley.

If you want just the predictions, keep scrolling.

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Sequoia (3-6) at Carlmont (3-6), 7 p.m. 

Sabedra: Carlmont

Dycus: Carlmont

Lefkow: Carlmont


Clayton Valley (5-4) at De La Salle (7-2), 7 p.m.   

Sabedra: De La Salle

Dycus: De La Salle

Lefkow: De La Salle

Monte Vista (4-5) at San Ramon Valley (8-1), 7 p.m.  

Sabedra: San Ramon Valley

Dycus: San Ramon Valley

Lefkow: San Ramon Valley

Piedmont (6-3) at Newark Memoria (6-3)l, 7 p.m.   

Sabedra: Piedmont

Dycus: Piedmont

Lefkow: Newark Memorial

Granada (6-3) at Livermore (5-4), 7 p.m. 

Sabedra: Livermore

Dycus: Livermore

Lefkow: Granada

James Logan (5-4) at Moreau Catholic (5-4), 7 p.m.   

Sabedra: James Logan

Dycus: James Logan

Lefkow: James Logan

Leigh (6-3) at Westmont (6-3), 7:15 p.m.   

Sabedra: Westmont

Dycus: Westmont

Lefkow: Westmont

Sobrato (6-3) at Overfelt (5-4), 7:15 p.m. 

Sabedra: Overfelt

Dycus: Sobrato

Lefkow: Overfelt

Del Mar (6-3) at Prospect (8-1), 7 p.m.   

Sabedra: Prospect

Dycus: Prospect

Lefkow: Prospect

Menlo-Atherton (4-5) at Los Gatos (7-2), 7 p.m.   

Sabedra: Los Gatos

Dycus: Los Gatos

Lefkow: Los Gatos

Valley Christian (5-4) vs. Mitty (5-4) at Foothill College, 7 p.m.   

Sabedra: Valley Christian

Dycus: Mitty

Lefkow: Mitty

Sacred Heart Prep (5-4) at Menlo School (9-0), 7 p.m.   

Sabedra: Menlo School

Dycus: Sacred Heart Prep

Lefkow: Menlo School


Burlingame (3-6) at San Mateo (5-4), 11 a.m.

Sabedra: San Mateo

Dycus: San Mateo

Lefkow: Burlingame

Antioch (7-2) at Pittsburg (9-0), 1:30 p.m.   

Sabedra: Pittsburg

Dycus: Pittsburg

Lefkow: Pittsburg


Live Oak (8-0) at Christopher (9-0), 7:15 p.m.   

Sabedra: Christopher

Dycus: Live Oak

Lefkow: Live Oak

Campolindo (6-2-1) at Acalanes (6-3), 7 p.m. 

Sabedra: Acalanes

Dycus: Acalanes

Lefkow: Acalanes


Del Mar 39, Gunderson 25

Sabedra: Del Mar (W)

Dycus: Del Mar (W) 

Lefkow: Del Mar (W)

Capuchino 21, Aragon 14

Sabedra: Aragon (L)

Dycus: Capuchino (W)

Lefkow: Aragon (L)

Campolindo 41, Miramonte 21

Sabedra: Campolindo (W)

Dycus: Campolindo (W) 

Lefkow: Campolindo (W)

Clayton Valley 33, California 24

Sabedra: California (L)

Dycus: California (L) 

Lefkow: California (L)

James Logan 33, Bishop O’Dowd 29

Sabedra: James Logan (W)

Dycus: James Logan (W) 

Lefkow: James Logan (W)

Santa Teresa 27, Lincoln 7

Sabedra: Santa Teresa (W)

Dycus: Santa Teresa (W) 

Lefkow: Santa Teresa (W)

Branham 35, Silver Creek 28

Sabedra: Branham (W)

Dycus: Branham (W) 

Lefkow: Branham (W)

King’s Academy 41, Hillsdale 35

Sabedra: Hillsdale (L)

Dycus:  Hillsdale (L)

Lefkow: The King’s Academy (W)

San Mateo 21, Sequioa 7

Sabedra: San Mateo (W)

Dycus: Sequoia (L)

Lefkow: Sequoia (L)

Carlmont 43, Fremont-Sunnyvale 33

Sabedra: Fremont-Sunnyvale (L)

Dycus: Fremont-Sunnyvale (L) 

Lefkow: Fremont-Sunnyvale (L)

Los Altos 35, Woodside 7

Sabedra: Woodside (L)

Dycus: Woodside (L) 

Lefkow: Woodside (L)

St. Ignatius 28, Mitty 21

Sabedra: Mitty (L)

Dycus: St. Ignatius (W)

Lefkow: St. Ignatius (W)

Pittsburg 34, Liberty 13

Sabedra: Pittsburg (W)

Dycus: Liberty (L)

Lefkow: Pittsburg (W)

St. Francis 27, Riordan 20

Sabedra: St. Francis (W)

Dycus: St. Francis (W) 

Lefkow: St. Francis (W)

Acalanes 34, Las Lomas 14

Sabedra: Acalanes (W)

Dycus: Acalanes (W) 

Lefkow: Acalanes (W)

Los Gatos 24, Wilcox 21

Sabedra: Wilcox (L)

Dycus: Los Gatos (W)

Lefkow: Wilcox (L)


Lefkow: 10-6

Dycus: 10-6

Sabedra: 9-7


Sabedra: 112-47

Lefkow: 105-54

Dycus: 94-65

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