2024 Interview with Reno Presto from McGuffey High School

Name: Reno Presto

School McGuffey High School

Class 2025

Position(s): T, DE, DT, and NG

How long have you played football, along with the reason or reasons you continue to play?

I have played football for 12 years. I play because I found a love for the game when I was in middle school, and ever since then, it has taken off from there.

On your HUD page, you’re listed as a T, DE, DT, and NG. in those positions. Which do you feel you are the best at?

I feel like I’m the best at offensive tackle, mainly because I have played there since freshman year and I didn’t play a lot of defense before this season, and I feel like I’m way better on the offensive side of the ball.

Which side of the line is toughest to play?

Personally, I feel like the offensive side is the toughest because you have to create a hole for your running back to run through, and if you don’t do your job, then the play is ruined.

What were the high and low points of the 2023 season?

I think the high point of the season was finding out how good we actually were. A lot of people doubted us because we had lost so many players, but we really showed what we could do. The low points were obviously losing to our rival twice and once in the playoffs.

Can you tell everyone what it’s like to play on the gray turf?

It’s so cool to be able to play on gray turf. A lot of people don’t like playing on colored turf, but Friday nights on gray turf are just so amazing to be a part of. It really shows what the ranch is all about.

What are the best and worst parts of playing high school football?

The best part about playing high school football is definitely the student section at a big game after we win when they come down to the field and countdown with us. The worst part is probably the end of the season when the seniors leave because you play with them and they become family to you.

Do you play any other sports at McGuffey?

Yes, I also play baseball.

How hard was it to swallow losing twice to your rival, Washington, in 2023?

After the first game, it wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t bad because I knew that we’d meet them again in the playoffs, and I had high hopes. But after we lost the playoff game, it was heartbreaking because we felt like we could beat them.

Of all the road games you have played, which stadium has had the best overall atmosphere?

I’d say the game against Washington in 2022 whenever we came back after halftime and beat them because it was a very hostile environment and it just felt amazing.

What did you learn from the 2023 season that you can use this year to be better?

Playing lower and longer, especially on defense, I was way too high off the ball, and it showed.

Where should the state finals be held?

I feel like the state finals should be held at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

If you could add a brand new opponent to face on the football field, who would it be and why?

I would pick Trinity because they’re also a pretty good team, and I feel like we’d match up well against them. Also, it’s right down the road from us, so it would be pretty intense.

What was the last book you read?

The outsiders

What is your favorite meal?

probably chick fil a chicken tenders

Who are your favorite and least favorite pro football teams?

My favorite is the Miami Dolphins, and my least favorite is the Kansas City Chiefs.
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