2023 PFN Player Profile: Getting to Know West Philadelphia Speedboy WR Nyceem Chamberlain

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Anthony Franklin | April 19, 2023


Name: Nyceem Chamberlain

Height/Weight: 6-2 186

Jersey #: 4

Position: Wide Receiver

Class: Senior 2024

Twitter: @callmeceemo

Nyceem prepares for his senior season and returns as the leading receiver for the Speedboys. HC Karl Patrick more commonly known as “Koach Bubb” states that “Nyceem is a good kid, very passionate about everything that he does, plays WR for us as a tall strong target & I believe he should have a big season up ahead”.


Why do you play football?

I play football to hopefully provide for my family.

Why is your current GPA?


What schools have offered or expressed interest in you?

I have no offers as of right now, but I hope to hear from schools soon.

What do you plan to major in upon enrolling in college?

I don’t know yet but when that time comes, I’ll figure it out.

Favorite class in school? 

Computer System & networking

Favorite athlete of all-time & why?

Deion Sanders because he was just a dawg & his swagger was unmatched.

Favorite moment thus far of your HS career?

My favorite moment would have to be just going to war with my brothers. I feel like it’s nothing better than going to war with your brothers and having their back through the thick and thin.

What was the 2022 season like for you?

The 2022 season was good for me as I had 200+ receiving yards & I’m coming for more this upcoming season for sure.

2023 Individual & team goals? 

My individual goals for 2023 is just to be a better teammate & to be a good leader for the younger guys looking up to me.

All-time favorite FB game to watch?

I feel like HS ball would have to be my favorite because that’s where you find the dawgs & I just feel like everybody is trying to prove what they can do to get to the next level and show what they can bring to the table.

Favorite meal? 

Chicken & shrimp alfredo

Favorite play to run & why? 

I would have to say shallow a play my OC assigned to me.

Outside of sports what are your hobbies? 

Playing the game & working out while also chilling with family and friends.

What scares you the most?

Wild animals

Most inspirational person in your life?

My mother

What pregame music do you listen to the most?

NBA Youngboy & Gherbo

Best Teammate & why? 

I love all my teammates but if I had choose one it would be my friend Hollow because he has to get me the ball & if it wasn’t for him the ball wouldn’t get to me.

Did you play little league football if so what organization did you play for?

I played for the Nicetown Titans, Nicetown Steelers & the West Philly Tarheels

What is something people should know about West Philadelphia High, the football players & coaches? 

Something everyone should know about us and our school is that we are a good program and that the education at West Philly is good. They should also know that we are very welcoming and treat everyone like family. What should be known about our coaches is that they will treat you like one of their own kids and they’ll help you get wherever you want to go in life, you just have to trust them. We are also very fun to be around.

Cheesesteak or hoagie? And where can you get the best sandwich from? 

Cheesesteak & the best stores to get you a cheesesteak from is the corner stores.


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