2023 PFN Player Profile: Getting to Know McCort-Carroll’s (TE/DE/P)-Cooper Stigers

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Daniel Reed | July 11, 2023


Cooper Stigers

Bishop McCort-Carroll Crushers

Class Of: 2024

Position(s): TE/DE/P

Jersey Number: 81

Ht: 6’3” – Wt: 210

Other Sports: Baseball

Twitter: @cooper_stigers

Words from the Coach:
“Cooper is a multi-sport rising senior set to have a much larger impact this season on both sides of the bottle. A returning contributor in all 3 phases of the game, he has found himself growing immensely in the weightroom this offseason. Cooper is a tremendous young man who battled through his sister receiving a heart transplant during the previous season.”

Let’s get to know a little more about Cooper:

Why do you play football ?
Because I love the feeling of playing with my closest friends.

Who is your favorite sports star and why ?
Kenny Pickett, because of the fake slide.

Do you have a favorite play you remember the most ? Explain:
My first varsity sack against Bedford.

What was last year’s season like for you ?
Challenging but a great time.

Who is the best player you have ever lined up against ?
Sam Penna

What stadium, (HS/College/Pro) would you love to visit for a game ?
Beaver Stadium !

What is your favorite Pro Sports team(any sport) ? Explain:
The Pittsburgh Pirates, because my family and I go to a lot of their games.

What game, yours, college or pro, was your favorite game you watched and why ?
The 2017 Rose bowl, it was a exciting ending.

What sports movie could you watch every day if you had to pick one ?

Name one thing you’d love to do in football that may never happen ?
Play some QB !

Name a sport you’d love to play but can’t:

What is your most embarrassing sports moment ?
Striking out at PNC park Sophomore year.

Tell us something about playing for McCort-Carroll that stands out, that others may not know ?
Playing at the Point Stadium. It’s just incredible.

When you aren’t playing, practicing, or training for sports, what is your go to activity, and why ?
Playing Xbox or hanging out with my friends.

Which one, Sheetz, Wawa, or Rutters ? Explain:
Sheetz, $1 hotdogs !

What is your favorite vacation destination ?
The Outer Banks

Tell us something that you have a fear of ?

Favorite Fast Food/Burger place and why ?
McDonald’s, the app deals go crazy.

Favorite School Subject ?

Favorite Band/Musician ?

NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF, NFL, Which league is the best and why ?
NCAAF, because it’s the most entertaining football.

Best Video Game Console(XBox/Playstation/Sega/Atari/etc) and why ?
Xbox, because all my friends have it too.

Airplane, Boat, or Vehicle(motorcycles included), how would you travel and to where ?
If I could fly a plane, I’d fly to Italy.

Name one thing in life(NOT SPORTS RELATED) you would like to achieve:
Become a Chiropractor !

Location you think would be the best place to live(ie: island, mountains, city, etc) ? Explain why:
Mountains, because of how peaceful it is.

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