2023 PFN Player Profile: Getting to Know Hickory Hornet RB-MLB Sean Kennedy

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Daniel Reed | July 21, 2023


Sean Kennedy

Hickory Hornets

Class Of: 2024

Position(s): RB/MLB

Jersey Number: 2

Ht: 5’9 – Wt: 210lbs

Other Sports: Track

Notable Awards or Recognitions: First Team All Region LB

Offer Sheet: 2 offers

Twitter: @seankennedy205
Words from the Coach:
“Sean is a tackling machine and the heart and soul of our team.”
Now it’s time to get to know more about Sean:

Why do you play football ?
I play football because I love the fact that its a stress reliever and makes me a better man, not just in football but my everyday life like leading by example and knowing others whom may be around or know about me, look up to me and it makes me feel good.

Who is your favorite sports star and why ?
Le’Veon Bell, because I love the way he plays and takes his time through the hole and his energy is always there.

What was last year’s season like for you ?
Last year’s season was rough, our team didn’t get the outcome we wanted and having a broken wrist the whole season made things difficult. I feel personally, we should have went further than expected.

Who is the best player you have ever lined up against ?
Brandon Chambers Jr.

What stadium, (HS/College/Pro) would you love to visit for a game ?

What is your favorite Pro Sports team(any sport) ? Explain:

What game, yours, college or pro, was your favorite game you watched and why ?
Michigan vs Ohio State, because we came out and walked all over them.

Name one thing you’d love to do in football that may never happen ?
Have 78 tackles in one game with 4 touchdowns.

Name a sport you’d love to play but can’t:

What is your most embarrassing sports moment ?
Getting stuck by one of my teammates on a kickoff late in the game.

Tell us something about playing for the Hickory hornets that stands out, that others may not know ?
The team as a whole is definitely a group of people that anyone would love to be around.

When you aren’t playing, practicing, or training for sports, what is your go to activity, and why ?
Filming YouTube videos with my friends.

Which one, Sheetz, Wawa, or Rutters ? Explain:
Sheetz obviously !

Tell us something that you have a fear of ?
I have Arachnophobia.

Favorite Fast Food/Burger place and why ?
Burger King, they are just top tier, no argument.

Favorite School Subject ?

Favorite Band/Musician ?
Rod Wave

NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF, NFL, Which league is the best and why ?
NFL, if you ask me, it’s just a real man sport.

Best Video Game Console(XBox/Playstation/Sega/Atari/etc) and why ?
Playstation, we just are overall better than Xbox players. Best Game: Call of Duty “Black Ops 2”

Airplane, Boat, or Vehicle(motorcycles included), how would you travel and to where ?
Airplane to Dubai !

Location you think would be the best place to live(ie: island, mountains, city, etc) ? Explain why:
I want to move to Nebraska, I personally feel like Nebraska would be a nice fit for me.

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