2023 PFN Player Profile: Getting to know East Stroudsburg South DB/WR Nekhi Spencer

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David Burnworth | July 7, 2023


Nekhi Spencer
East Stroudsburg South
Class of 2024
Jersey 21
HT/WT 5-11 180
Other sports
Track and Field
Awards won
Epc 2nd team in 4 games
Twitter @NekhiSpencer

Nekhi Spencer will return for his senior year after a season-ending shoulder injury ended his junior season in week 4. Nekhi plays both sides of the ball as a WR and DB and has great route running ability as well as great defensive back play. Nekhi earned 2nd team EPC WR his junior year even though just playing in 3.5 games before his injury.

Let’s get to know Nekhi

What makes playing football so special?

What makes football so special for me is the grind. I love to work out and better myself. I like to look back and see where I was and compare myself to where I am now.

I’ve played since I can remember and i love to win and the friendships that are made while playing a great. And I love the competitiveness.

Coming off of a 4-7 season, what will it take to turn things around and make so much noise in the playoffs?

It was rough I got hurt in the 4th game and was done for the season the season was going really good up until that point. What it will take for us to make a turnaround this season is playing as a team and just trusting what our coaches have planned for us to win games. 

It’s gameday! What are you looking forward to the most? 

Seeing my family in the crowd

What are your personal goals for the season?

Some personal goals for me this season would be to stay healthy this season and to play confidently.

If you could pick any pro or college stadium for East Stroudsburg to play in, where would it be?

I would want to play at the Dolphins stadium I feel like it would just be a cool experience to play at.

Which side of the ball do you want to be on when the game is on the line? Explain.

I would want to be on the offensive side. it would be cool to catch the game-winning touchdown and just have everyone run to me.

After the season ends, how much would it mean to you to land a spot on the Big 33 team or the East vs. West All-Star game?

It would definitely be nice to play on the team. get to play with the top athletes from the area and learn new things.

What stadium, HS/college/pro would you love to visit for a game?

I would love to go to a Penn State game the stadium looks great and the environment seems awesome

As an athlete, what has been your most embarrassing moment?

The most embarrassing moment for me is in my sophomore year. it was the first game of the season and my coach said if you get gassed tap the top of your helmet. and I tapped my helmet like 4 plays in the game and got screamed at and also didn’t get subbed out.

If the coach tells you to pick a play to run, what play are you running along with the reason?

The play I would pick is 91 dupes. it’s a quick play and either the inside or outside receiver can find a gap and get open.

What is the toughest weather to play in?

The toughest weather would be freezing cold weather with a strong wind.

Have you heard from any colleges? If so, can you name one or two of them?

I’ve heard from Lehigh and Holly Cross.

What will you miss most about the class of 2023?

I’ll definitely miss some of the players I’ve played with most of them since middle school.

What toppings and crust go on your pizza?

The only pizza I like is chicken bacon ranch pizza.

Who is your least favorite pro football team?

I don’t like the Falcons.

What scares you the most?


Music of choice:


What was your favorite gift as a little boy? Why?

A bike my grandma got me my first one

What restaurant is your go to when you need a big meal?

Tony’s on Crystal street

What is your favorite vacation destination?


College football or pro football?

Pro football.

What is your favorite class or subject?

My favorite class would be Anatomy.


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