2023 PFN Player Profile: Getting to know Chartiers Valley RB/ILB Austin Efthimiades

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Ethan Spozarski | July 28, 2023


Austin Efthimiades  


Class of 2024   

Chartiers Valley High School

Jersey #21

Other Sports: Track, Hockey 

Twitter: @Austin_Eft

Head Coach Aaron Fitzpatrick said, “Austin will come back as a 3 Yearr Varsity guy. Looking forward to a strong season with him in the backfield.”



Why do you play football? 

I  play football because I’ve played it all my life and I’ve found serenity and passion in the game.

Who is your favorite sports star and WHY?

My favorite sports star is Najee Harris because I aspire to have his worth ethic and be like him one day.

Do you have a favorite play you remember the most?

My favorite sports player would have to be the game against Highlands when we were down in our own 5 yard line and I ran for a 95 yard touchdown. The feeling electrified my teammates cheering me, on the crowd yelling it was perfect.

Explain: What was last year’s season like for you? 

Last year’s season was kind of chippy for our team overall, but I really think I broke out of my shell and came into my own, scoring almost every single game.

What are your goals for this coming season?

My goal for this season is to make it to the playoffs and be  first team all conference.

Who is the best player you ever lined up against?

I think the best player I’ve ever lined up against is DJ Walker from Aliquippa.

What stadium, HS/college/pro would you love to visit for a game? 

 I’d like  to visit Pitt 

What is your favorite Pro team, any sport?

My Favorite pro team is of course the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What game, yours, college or pro, was your favorite game you watched and why? 

I think my favorite game that I’ve watched was in my freshman year when my school ( Chartiers valley ) beach South by a field goal. It’s my favorite because that game was so chippy and hard-nosed and I’m glad her team pulled through with a win.

What would you do to improve the recruiting process? 

I would check kids’ conventional lifts  more such as squat, bench, and Deadlift.

Describe what the perfect teammate is:

I think the perfect teammate is someone who is always optimistic no matter how bad were losing or how much we’re up by, they always wanna get better. 

Tell everyone why you think football is good for a community:

Football is good for the community because the aspects and life lessons you learn in football carry into the real world.

Name one thing that you’d love to do in football that may never happen?

I would love to make it to the NFL.

Who is your mentor, the person you want to be like?

I think the person I wanna be like the most is my dad, because he is very successful in his work trade and I wanna be just like him.

What is your favorite practice drill? 

My favorite practice drill would have to be  back drills because I love working on my foot work.

What is your least favorite practice drill? 

My least favorite drill would have to be any type of drill that doesn’t involve moving fast. Because I love the up-tempo drills.

Preseason Two a Days are: 

Very challenging but I love the grind.

Is there anyone in your family, besides your parents, you could consider your biggest fan? Who, Why? 

I don’t think there’s a bigger fan than my parents. They are my biggest supporters and have helped me become the person I am today.

When you aren’t playing, practicing or training for sports, what is your go to and why? 

My favorite activity would have to be lifting weights. I enjoy it so much.

What is your favorite football memory to date?

My favorite football memory would have to be Newcastle last year when we were on a losing streak and finally won a game.

What is your favorite play to run?

My favorite player run would have to be a quick toss,l right! 

Is a hot dog a sandwich? 

A hot dog is not a sandwich.

Music of choice:

Heavy metal definitely might go to music of choice.

Best thing you ever got from a teammate?

The best thing I ever got from a teammate was a pair of gloves that I wore  the entire season because they were so nice

Best Pizza topping? 

I like plain pizza the best.

Which one? Sheetz or Wawa

Definitely sheetz.

What is your favorite vacation destination?

My favorite vacation destination  is definitely Ocean City Maryland.

Do you remember what the first football game you saw was?

The first football game I ever saw was the Steelers versus the Bengals.


Austin’s Hudl: 

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