2023 PFN Player Profile: Getting to Know Central York Running Back Juelz Goff

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Billy Splain | August 11, 2023


Juelz Goff
Running Back
Central York
Class Of 24
Jersey #0
HT/WT 5’10/195
1,611 Rushing Yards (24 Rushing TDs), 335 Rec Yards (5 Reciving TDs), 2 KR TDs
Other sports Track
1st Team All YAIAA, All State Rb
Twitter @JuelzGoff

Coach Yonchiuk says ”


Why do you play football?

My father used to show me Barry Sander as a kid, and also watching my brothers play, inspired me.

It’s gameday! What are you looking forward to the most? 

The walkout from the tunnel

Who is your favorite sports star and WHY?

Kobe Bryant, he brings a different type of passion and obsession to everything he does. I love the “mamba mentality” and the fact that kobe was always working on his craft, and kept trying to get better.

Do you have a favorite play you remember the most? Explain:

First play of the game week 10. We had to run a wildcat formation due to our Qb being out that game. As soon as I snapped the ball, I saw a lane and I took off!

What was last years season like for you?

I feel like last year was the year to really establish my ability and role as a player of central york. There were many big pieces that we lost, so as a junior I stepped up.

What are your goals for this coming season?

Break our school’s rushing record, win district championship.

Who is the best player you ever lined up against?

There’s been a bunch between YAIAA, Mid Penn, and LL league but if I had to chose it’d be Jahiem White.


What stadium, HS/college/pro would you love to visit for a game?

Acrisure Stadium

What is your favorite Pro team, any sport?

Detroit Lions (NFL), Okc Thunder (NBA)

What game, yours, college or pro, was your favorite game you watched and why?

Week 11, 2018. Rams vs. Chiefs, that was one of the best games I’ve ever seen!! Pure shootout

What sports movie would you watch every day if you had to pick one and why?

Remember the Titans, definitely one of the best sports movies.

If your mom and dad are screaming at you from the stands, what is it they usually yell?

“Okay, juelz!!!”, “That’s my baby!!” , or “There you go!!”

Name one thing that you’d love to do in football that may never happen?

Halfback Pass

Who is your mentor, the person you want to be like? WHY?

I strive to be like Saquon Barkley, because he plays my position. Not only that, but he works so hard on and off the field as the results show.

Name a sport you’d love to play but can’t:


What is your most embarrassing sports moment?

Having to take a visor off mid-game.

Is there anyone in your family, besides your parents, you could consider your biggest fan? Who, Why?

Probably my nephew (kur) or my little cousin Alijah McDowell. They’re always watching my highlight videos, and showing up to every game!

When you aren’t playing, practicing or training for sports, what is your go to activity and why?

Watch film, or spend time with family. I enjoy spending time with my family because my schedule sacrifices a lot of time away from them.

What is your favorite football memory to date?

Winning 5 youth championships!!

What is your favorite play to run?

Inside trap

What scares you the most?

Not being able to play anymore due to any injury or illness.

Music of choice:


What was your favorite gift as a little boy? Why?

A football when I was younger, so that I can run around in my yard.

What restaurant is your go to when you need a big meal?

Texas Roadhouse

What is your favorite vacation destination?

Any beach

Do you remember what the first football game you saw was?

Probably one of my older brother’s games.

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