2022 with Coach Jordan Assistant Head Coach and JV Head coach Martin Luther King


Written by: David Burnworth on Thursday, April 28th, 2022


In reading this I believe you will truly see a coach who puts all players first not just his.

Last season was tough on you guys 1-7. What are the main things you guys will need to improve on to have a better season?

This season we must improve on our chemistry as a team and capitalize on opportunities on both sides of the ball. Offensively we must score points and be able to run the ball. Defensively we must stop the run and understand our assignments and special teams have to be more organized.

Staying with last season I believe you guys totaled 23 points. What changes will be made there to help improve things?

Yes, we did score a total of 23 points we were a young team and young offense which started a 9th grade QB and an offensive line that only had one senior on it. Creating a system that fit us and figuring out what worked for us and what didn’t was a big part of this past offseason so I expect us to score more this year and not be at the bottom of scoring.

Do you think a championship game between Philly public school champion VS the Pittsburgh city champion played at a neutral college site would draw much interest? Why or why not?

A championship game against Philly pub and Pittsburg pub would be an amazing idea especially if placed at a great site. In my opinion, the way I would do it is an opening weekend match-up where you have 4 public schools and 2 Catholics from Philly and Pittsburg and we have a 6-game weekend it would be great for our state and the kids and teams.

How important if important is it for your players to make one of the many all-star games around the state?

It is very important cause here in Philadelphia stuff like that gives kids an opportunity to have bragging rights something they can talk about the rest of their life and for the underclassmen to see and strive for and work hard to try to earn the state all-star games means a lot to our kids it’s another opportunity for them to meet new faces and see new things.

As a staff can you tell our readers what all you guys do to help your players get recruited?

I do whatever I need to get my players recruited if it’s spending my weekends on a college campus following coaches and sending them information I also when I meet coaches try to help kids at other programs to get recruited as well because I want to see the whole city of Philadelphia doing well not just my program.

In your opinion what has to take place to get the media and fans more interested in Philadelphia public school league football?

I think to get more people involved in public league footballs there needs to be a page where games are promoted maybe get a school media person where interviews are done for the game hype videos are made and getting students buses to the game so more students can attend cause that’s another part of the problem is kids can’t get to some of the games because schools play home games far from they’re schools.

What are your thoughts on playing out-of-state opponents?

I would love to play out of state opponents it gives our kids a different look another style of play more chances for schools to look at them because of the fact that some states don’t really know about Philly football so playing out of state opponents will put us on the map as a city and help people understand that in this concrete jungle it’s some real football being played.

Which offense is the hardest to prepare? Why?

To me, every offense is hard to prepare for because most of the time they have different interworkings, and me saying this comes from me not taking any opponent lightly so giving every offense the same respect is important to me cause what may not work one week it could against my team so that’s my stance on that.

What is the toughest part of coaching in Philadelphia?

The toughest part about coaching in Philadelphia is the fact that it’s so many high schools so kids can be spread out you could have a good 3 years then a bad 2 based on the talent you get competing with a lot of the great other programs in the city. Another hard part of coaching in the city is some of the crazy stuff our players and kids go through with the violence and some families that are less fortunate so kids have to work to pay bills which causes them to miss school and practice or be given the choice to work and provide or play football so that makes it really tuff.

What is your favorite sports movie?

My favorite sports movie is a documentary that I was a part of my senior year of high school we could be king because in the documentary we were able to show perseverance and the way to bring two rivals schools together and win the schools very first championship so my favorite sports movie is We Could Be King.

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