2022 PFN Player Spotlight: Evan Devor – William Tennent


Written by: David Burnworth on Saturday, July 16th, 2022


Evan Devor
William Tennent
Class 2023
Jersey 51
Ht/Wr 6 -225
Other Sports Basketball, Baseball
Twitter link: @evandevor51


You must go back to the 2017 season to find the last time William Tennent ended the season with a winning record, and then you have to go back to 2005 and the 2006 season to find the last time the school had back-to-back winning seasons. What must this year’s team do to not only produce a winning season but start a change in how things have gone for you guys in recent times?

We all have been working very hard every single day to prepare for this season. Everyone, especially me, is tired of people telling us how bad we are. We hear it every year, and it just drives us to work harder. We will continue to work hard until the season is over. This year we have been able to do all of our off-season workouts and are looking much better than last year. We have a lot of younger guys stepping up, and they will help us out a lot.

Which position is harder to play for you: defensive end or tackle? Why?

Last year, in the middle of the season, I switched from defensive end to playing middle linebacker. I didn’t really know how to do a lot. This offseason I have put in a lot of work to get better, and I have gotten much better. With that being said I still have a lot to learn and a lot of room to grow. Linebacker is definitely a lot harder than the defensive line though, just the mental aspect is a big step up.

What have you been able to accomplish during the offseason to make you a better player on the field?

The most important thing I learned in the offseason is that you need to slow down to speed up. Before you go out on the field on Friday nights, you need to know what to do in any possible situation that happens. This offseason I’ve spent a lot of
time at the whiteboard trying to figure all of that out. My mental and football IQ is the biggest thing that I’ve improved this offseason.

Who is the one team you want to beat the most on the 2022 schedule?

Honestly, to me, I don’t have a specific team in mind. All of the teams that we play this season are games that we will compete in. Everyone is going to give their all on every play no matter who the opponent is.

After the season is all over, how important will it be to you to be able to play in one or two of the All-Star games around the state?

All-Star games are not important to me at all. Obviously, being invited to an All-Star game would be great, but my main goal and our main goal as a team is to make playoffs and win as many games as we can.

What is your most embarrassing moment on the football field?

I think that my most embarrassing moment playing football was probably last year when we were playing Springfield. I was playing defensive end, and I made a good move to get around their tackle. I had two steps to go to get to the QB, my eyes got all big, then boom. The QB stepped up in the pocket and all i see is our senior defensive end, and we ran into each other. Everything was fine tho because we ended up getting an interception on that play.

What is your favorite moment on the football field?

My favorite memory on a football field was when I was still in middle school. I was playing tight end, and I caught a pass and got a 22-yard gain.

Why do you play football?

I play football because I love it. I don’t really know what else to say about it. Football is just one of those things where you can be so passionate about it but really don’t know why.

What is your favorite TV show?

My favorite show right now is Rick and Morty, but my favorite show of all time is Breaking bad

What is the one food you enjoy that most others do not?

There aren’t a lot of foods that I like that others don’t, but off the top of my head, I’d say sushi.

Where is the go-to spot in your town to eat?

Giuseppes Pizza


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