2022 Heritage Conference Preview


Written by: BrianIngalls on Monday, August 15th, 2022


2021 Season Recap

            2021 Standings

Cambria Heights 8-0 Conf 9-2 Overall
Homer Center 7-1 Conf 8-4 Overall
River Valley 6-2 Conf 8-3 Overall
West Shamokin 5-3 Conf 5-5 Overall
Purchase Line 4-4 Conf 5-6 Overall
Marion Center 3-5 Conf 5-5 Overall
Penns Manor 2-7 Conf 4-7 Overall
Northern Cambria 1-7 Conf 2-7 Overall
United 0-8 Conf 0-9 Overall

The 2021 Heritage Conference was decided in week 1 when Cambria Heights beat Homer Center 23-14 at Homer Center.  Cambria Heights went undefeated in conference play.  The Highlanders only other close game, in conference play, was at River Valley where they won 20-7.  Homer Center won the rest of their conference games.  River Valley, in its first year of football after the merger of Blairsville and Saltsburg, finished in third place.  River Valley lost at Homer Center 28-22, and then lost 20-7 to Cambria Heights at home.  The Heritage conference had 6 teams qualify to the District 6 playoffs.  Homer Center was the only Heritage team to have a playoff win.  Homer Center beat Glendale 20-12 in the D6 A Quarterfinals.  Homer Center then lost to Bishop Guilfoyle 28-0 in the Semifinals.  Cambria Heights lost to Forest Hills in the D6 AA Quarterfinals.  River Valley lost to Bald Eagle Area 33-29 in the D6 AA Quarterfinals.  West Shamokin lost to Portage 33-31 in the D6 A Quarterfinals.  Purchase Line lost to Bishop Guilfoyle 38-8 in the D6 A Quarterfinals.  Penns Manor lost to Glendale 20-12 in the D6 A Prelims.  

2022 Preview

The 2022 version of the Heritage Conference looks to be a little more competitive then the 2021 season.  The Portage Mustangs are a new addition to the conference.  Portage brings a long and proud history of football to the conference.  United and Blacklick Valley have combined to create the United Valley Lions.  The United Valley team should be more competitive with a lot more depth.  Penns Manor returns 9 starters on Offense, and 10 on defense.  River Valley returns some key players in the trenches, and they have a nice group of new skill players.  Purchase Line will have some key skill players returning from the 2021 season.  West Shamokin always has a competitive team and returns some key pieces especially on the defensive side of the ball.  Northern Cambria and Marion Center look to improve on disappointing 2021 seasons.  

The 2022 Heritage Conference will once again come down to Homer Center and Cambria Heights.  The 10/7/2022 game at Cambria Heights should be the deciding factor for the Heritage Conference Title.  Homer Center and Cambria Heights return many of the key players from the 2021 season.  

Homer Center:

Head Coach Greg Page

Assistants Tony Arone, Gene Raymond, Joe Iezzi, Erik Foust, Stephen McLoughlin, Mookie Wilson, Don Mester, Dave Cook, John Cook, Gabe Manzanilla

Coach Page saysWe hope to continue to compete for the conference, as well as qualify for the district playoffs. The Heritage conference and district 6 are always filled with tough teams.”

The Wildcats return: WR/DB Michael Krejocic 5-10 183lbs 34 receptions for 657 yards and 7 Tds, T/DT Isaiah Bence 6-5 281 lbs., G/DT Vinny Tagliati 5-10 238lbs., T/DT Aiden Bekina 6-1 233lbs., QB Cole McAnulty 5-10 203lbs. 82-185 1217 yds 9 Td 10 Int passing and rushed for 306 yards, WR Austin Zenisek 5-9 171lbs, RB/LB Landon Hill 6-1 221lbs. 153-867 yds. 10 Tds. rushing, SS Riley Clevenger 5-10 174lbs., and TE/LB Mason Bell 6-3 219lbs. 82 Tackles.

Cambria Heights:

Head Coach Jarrod Lewis

The Highlanders return: QB/LB Ty Stockley 5-11 185lbs. 23-58 439 yds. 3 Td 5 Int passing and rushed for 844 yds and led the team in tackles (91), HB/CB Tanner Trybus 5-11 170lbs. 32-213 yds. 3 Tds rushing, TE/DE Joe Snedden 6-2 200lbs., and C/DT Zane Miller 5-10/260lbs.

River Valley:

Head Coach Jess Houser

Assistants Ben Furman, Pete Morcheid, Jason Miller, Bill Petro, Dan Vresilovic, Jim Meighan, Rick Spallone, Tim Frassenei

Coach Houser says “We are looking forward to the season. We have a young team, but with the talent we have, I feel we will be very competitive in the Heritage Conference this year. We have 3 returning offensive lineman which I feel is going to be our strong point.”

The Panthers return: QB/SS Luke Woodring 6-0 165lbs. 57 tackles, T/NT Brad Miller 5-11 265lbs. 62 tackles, T/DT Dominick Bartolini 6-0 250lbs., RB/CB Ethan Kislock 5-9 160lbs., and G/DT Joey Bedick 6-0 185lbs. 40 tackles. 


Head Coach Marty Slanoc

Assistants Jeremy Burkett, Brian Shope, Ryan Scoran, Chuck Gouse, Matt Hill, Craig Castel

Coach Slanoc says As always we look to compete in every game we play. Our goal is to become a team consisting of disciplined, unselfish players that give max effort”

The Mustangs return: QB/CB Andrew Miko 6-1 175lbs. 62-129 895 yds 6 Tds 6 Ints passing, RB/LB Ty Kennedy 5-8 170lbs., RB/LB Mason Kargo 5-11 170lbs. 56 tackles, RB/LB Braedon Oravecz 5-10 222lbs., OL/DL Keaton Troxel 5-10 185lbs., OL/DE Jeremy Madigan 5-9 280lbs., and OL/DL Nick Summerville 6-0 230lbs.

Penns Manor:

Head Coach Bill Packer

Assistants: Eric Misko, Bob Parinish, Carson Rhea, Aaron Packer, Bob Packer, Brad Packer, Chad Kuzemchak, Zac Johnston

Coach Packer says “After a down season in 2021, we gained valuable experience returning 9 starters on offense and 10 on defense. Max Hill a 3 year starter at quarterback returns to lead the offense. Justin Marshall, Ashton Courvina and Mark Bagley return to the backfield. Nate Raffelle, Jacob Tate, Bryton Guillen, Alex Polenik and Peyton Koshco return on the offensive line. Leading receiver Carter Smith returns. On Defense, Nate Raffelle will anchor the line with Bagley, Polenik and Koshco. Carter Smith along with Amin Lieb return to the linebacker positions. Courvina and Hill man the outside linebacker spots. Justin Marshall returns as the free safety. Corners will be manned by returning players Adam Altemus, Eric Baum and Braden Pytash. Kicking duties will be handled by Marshall and Colton Shields.” 

The Comets return: QB/OLB Max Hill 6-1 195lbs. 45-101 543yd 3 Tds 10 Ints and rushed for 735 yds., RB/FS Justin Marshall 5-9 170lbs. 112-783 yds. 8 Tds rushing and 86 tackles, RB/OLB Ashton Courvina 5-8 170lbs., FB/DE Mark Bagley 5-9 185lbs., C/DT Nathan Raffelle 5-10 295lbs., WR/DB Adam Altemus 5-9 160lbs., RB/DB Eric Baum 5-11 170lbs., TE/LB Carter Smith 6-0 185lbs. 105 tackles and 4 sacks, OT/DT Jacob Tate 6-4 310lbs., OT/NG Peyton Koshco 5-9 220lbs., G/DE Bryton Guillen 5-8 175lbs., RB/DB Braden Pytash 5-8 155lbs., G/DE Alex Polenik 6-0 215lbs., and TE/LB Amin Lieb 5-10 185lbs. 72 tackles. 

Northern Cambria: 

Head Coach Sam Shutty

Assistants Marty Lassard, Derek Bearer, Scott Yingling, Zach Dailsey, Jeff Messina, Jeremey Magulick, PJ Byich, Dennis Pawokski

Coach Shutty says The Colts look to be top contenders in the Heritage Conference in the 2022 football season.  Returning many starters that are part of a large senior class that possess athleticism, leadership, and positional depth in the skill positions. Size and lack of depth in the lineman position is a concern for the Colts this season, it will be vital for the the players who hold theses positions to remain healthy throughout the season as well as acceleration in the development of several underclassmen to fill positions in this area if need be.”

The Colts return: QB Owen Bougher 5-9 180lbs., RB/DB Colton Paronish 5-11 180lbs., RB/DB Xander Dolansky 5-11 165lbs., RB/WR/DB Peyton Myers 5-10 160lbs., TE/WR/LB Ben Janosko 5-10 190lbs., WR/DB Ty Dumm 5-9 160lbs., OL/DL Dawson Shutty 5-11 240lbs., OL/DL Austin Amdell 5-10 215lbs.,
DE Logan Dumm 6-2 210lbs.,  LB Cody Dumm LB 5-10 180lbs., LB Jackson Sheredy 5-7 160lbs.


West Shamokin:

Head Coach Jon McCullough

Assistants Phil Parks, Sam Panchik, Drew Reken, Stephen Gilliland, Jake Reesman, Dylan Henderson

Coach McCullough says “I expect us to be competitive within the Heritage Conference and compete for a D6 playoff spot.”

The Wolves return: QB/LB Lou Swartz 6-0 220lbs. 72 tackles, RB/LB Dylan Wolfe, OL/DL Gabe Schrecengost 6-0 250lbs., G/LB Derek Blose 5-7 175lbs 51 tackles, and OL/DL Jonah Linhart

Purchase Line:

Head Coach Matthew Falisec

Assistants Chad Small, Brian Goss, Brent Kordish, Giovanni Scott, Cullen Goncher, Dave Small, Ray Hill

Coach Falisec says We have lost a lot of talented seniors the last few years, but we still bring back a solid group of kids with lots of experience. We need to re-build our offensive line, but still have many skill players returning. I am excited to see how our kids grow throughout the season as we battle each week in a tough Heritage Conference.”

The Red Dragons return: RB/S Andrew Beer, QB/LB John Elick 5-11 175lbs. 65-125 887 yds 7 Tds 6 Ints passing 278 yds rushing 75 tackles, RB/CB Joe Lamer 5-5 110lbs., RB/CB Brock Small 5-6 140lbs., WR/DE Jay Robertson 5-11 160lbs. 45 tackles and 4 sacks, WR/CB Austin Chambers 5-9 150lbs., and C/LB Charles Edwards 5-6 180lbs.

United Valley:

Head Coach Kevin Marabito

Assistants Sean Mack, Rich Hixson, Bob Delosh, Greg Schilling, Clint Rose, Joe McCully, Steve Hauke, Nate Fabrizio, Mike Sees, Lou McElwee, Dan Palko, Eric Sheesley, Josh James

Coach Marabito says With the Co-Op, we are looking to be more competitive than we were the past few years. We now have depth at positions which will allow players to get a break during games. In the past, players being exhausted affected us late in games. Once we continue to work out as a team, we should be very competitive.”

The Lions return: RB/LB Caden McCully 5-9 150lbs. 115-427 yds. Rushing and 63 tackles,  G Chris Clark 6-2 245lbs., WR/DB Gino Dipaolo 6-0 155lbs. 22-273 yds. receiving, OL Traystin Tomalson 5-10 185lbs., QB Isaac Worthington 6-0 155lbs., RB Josh Hessler 5-10 175lbs. 40 tackles, CB Gaige Grassmeyer 5-11 155lbs., G/LB Clint Safko 6-1 210lbs., TE Zack Travis 6-1 185lbs., LB Evan Thomas 5-10 170lbs. 43 tackles, CB Aidyn Stiffler 5-10 150lbs. LB Dylan Stephens 5-9 150lbs. T Cade Krouse 5-10 210lbs.,  LB Alex Reba 5-11 150lbs., G Drew Gdula 5-7 160lbs., and QB/LB Braydon Brown 5-10 150lbs. 61-137 699 yds. 3 Tds, 10 Ints passing.  

Marion Center:

Head Coach Adam Rising

Assistants Brad Smith, Pj Ackerson, Shane Shipley, Don Fulmer, Bradley Smith Jr, Queston Van Horne, Mike Cressley, Tyler Cover, Clayton Coble

Coach Rising says “We are reloading after graduating 13 seniors. We have a lot of guys that have football experience that are tough and hard nosed kids. We have to get really good at the little details and and play fundamental football. I am very excited with the group of athletes that we will have on the field. We have to control the football and sustain drives on offense. Our defense will be the key on creating turnovers and rallying to the football.”

The Stingers return: TE Parker Black 6-4 230lbs., LB Braden Rechenbach 6-0 225lbs., SE Dakota Bracken 6-1 150lbs., RB Jason McCellan 5-9 160lbs., RB Alex Stewart 5-9 190lbs., DL Isaac Bassa 5-8 185lbs.


All 2022 Heritage Team Schedules located HERE:

District 6 Schedules

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